Borough of Pottstown, PA
Montgomery County
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[Ord. 1964, 5/12/2003, § 200; as amended by Ord. 2042, 8/13/2007]
Any applicant who seeks to subdivide or develop land must submit a plan, also known as a plat, for the Borough's review and approval. Any application filed by a person other than the legal owner shall include proof that the legal owner consents to the filing of the subdivision or land development, such as an agreement of sale, lease, or letter of consent.
[Ord. 1964, 5/12/2003, § 201]
Before going to the expense of preparing a formal plat, applicant may want to informally discuss their plans with the Pottstown Commission at on of its meetings. This is a voluntary process offered at no cost by the Borough solely as a courtesy to potential applicants.
Planning Commission members will be happy to unofficially review the potential applicant's plans – a rough layout of the proposed subdivision or land development would be helpful – and offer unofficial suggestions and comments. However, a legally binding review of a plan will not begin until a formal plat submission is made, and nothing said by any Planning Commission member, Borough employee or consultant will obligate the Borough to any particular course of action regarding a formal plat submission.
[Ord. 1964, 5/12/2003, § 202]
Any applicant who seeks to subdivide or develop land must begin the process by submitting a preliminary plat to the Borough Zoning Officer. Usually within 90 days after the plat is submitted to the Zoning Officer.
The plat shall be reviewed by:
The Pottstown Planning Commission.
The Borough Engineer.
The Montgomery County Planning Commission.
Any others whose advice might be needed.
The Borough will notify all property owners within 300 feet of the land being subdivided or developed that a plan has been submitted, giving them the opportunity to comment on the plat. The cost of notification will be paid by the applicant.
The Pottstown Planning Commission will discuss the plat with the applicant at a public meeting. Changes may be made before a final plat is drawn up and submitted. Citizens will be free to offer their views about the plat at the public meeting.
The Pottstown Planning Commission shall make a recommendation to Pottstown Council.
Pottstown Council shall decide to accept or reject the plat.
Pottstown Council shall inform the applicant whether the plat has been accepted or rejected. If the plat has been rejected, Council shall place in writing the reasons why the plat has been rejected.
If the plat is accepted, the developer shall record the plat at the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds within 90 days of approval. The Record of Deeds, however, will not accept the plat unless there is a seal on the plat signifying it has been reviewed by the Montgomery County Planning Commission and approved by the Borough of Pottstown.
[Ord. 1964, 5/12/2003]
For details about legal process, see Appendix A2, Sections A200 through A208, located at the end of this Chapter.