City of Hazelwood, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The inhabitants of the Village of Hazelwood within the corporate boundaries as they now are or may hereafter be established, shall be and continue to be a municipal body politic and corporate in perpetuity under the name of the "City of Hazelwood."
[Ord. No. 4457-16 §1, 1-20-2016 passed in election of 4-5-2016]
The municipal government provided for under this Charter shall be known as a Home Rule Council-Manager government. Pursuant to the provisions of this Charter and subject only to the limitations imposed hereby and by the Constitution of the State of Missouri, all powers of the City shall be vested in an elective Council, except as hereinafter otherwise qualified.
The City shall have all powers of local self-government and home rule and all powers possible for any City to have under the Constitution and laws of the State of Missouri or which the General Assembly would be competent to grant to any City of any class or population group, and except as prohibited by the Constitution, the City may exercise all municipal powers, functions, rights, privileges, and immunities of every name and nature. Such powers shall be exercised in the manner prescribed in this Charter, or if not prescribed herein, in such manner as may be prescribed by the Council.
The enumeration of particular powers in this Charter is not exclusive of others, nor restrictive of general words or phrases granting powers, nor shall a grant or failure to grant power in this Article impair a power granted in any other part of this Charter and whether powers, objects, or purposes are expressed conjunctively or disjunctively, they shall be construed so as to permit the City to exercise freely any one or more such powers as to any one or more such objects for any one or more such purposes.
[Ord. No. 2706-95, 12-13-1995 passed in election of 4-2-1996]
The City is hereby divided into eight (8) Wards, bounded and numbered as shown on the map and descriptions which are attached hereto and made a part of this Charter. On or before the first day of September, 1971, and every tenth (10th) year thereafter, the Council shall appoint a Redistricting Commission, consisting of eight (8) registered voters of the City, one (1) from each Ward, who have been residents of the City, or territory annexed to the City, for at least three (3) years immediately prior to their appointment, and who shall not be officers or employees of the City. The Commission shall ascertain and recommend whether the Wards contain approximately an equal number of residents and shall, if it finds substantial inequalities, recommend changes in Ward boundaries so that the Wards shall be compact and contiguous and contain an approximately equal number of residents. The Commission shall make its recommendation in writing to the Council not later than the first day of June following the date of appointment of its members. The Council, after a public hearing, shall take final action on the recommendation of the Commission not later than the first day of September following receipt of the Commission's recommendations. The Council may adopt, reject or modify the recommendations of the Commission. If the Council fails to take final action on the recommendations of the Commission by the first day of September, such recommendations shall become effective without Council action. Any change in Ward boundaries made pursuant to this section shall be effective for the following regular election and for each succeeding election until changed in accordance with the provisions of this Charter. The Council may also, by Ordinance, enact new Ward boundaries when and if it determines that annexations or other substantial population changes have rendered the populations of the existing Wards to be substantially unequal.