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Town of Townsend, MA
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Selectmen shall appoint a Town Administrator and shall fix the compensation for such person, annually, within the amount appropriated by the Town. The Town Administrator shall be appointed solely on the basis of demonstrated executive and administrative qualifications. The Town Administrator shall be a person especially fitted by education, training and or previous experience in public administration to perform the duties of the office. The Town Administrator need not be a resident of the Town at the time of appointment or at any time during the period of such service. The Town Administrator shall not have served in an elective position in Town government for at least twelve months prior to appointment. The Town may from time to time establish by By-law such additional qualifications as seem necessary and appropriate. The Town Administrator shall not hold any other public office, elective or appointive. The Board of Selectmen shall provide for an annual review of the job performance of the Town Administrator which shall, at least in summary form, be a public record.
The Town Administrator shall be the chief administrative officer of the Town, directly responsible to the Board of Selectmen for the administration of all Town affairs for which the office of Town Administrator is given responsibility by or under this Charter. The powers and duties of the Town Administrator shall include, but are not intended to be limited to, the following:
To supervise, direct and be responsible for the efficient administration of all functions and activities for which the office of Town Administrator is given authority, responsibility or control by this Charter, by By-law, Town Meeting vote, vote of the Board of Selectmen, or otherwise.
To see that the personnel policies and practices, rules and regulations are equally administered for all Town employees. If a union or other personnel contract differs from the general policies, the Town Administrator will see that these are administered according to the contract, with the exception of the Town Administrator's contract which will be overseen and administered by the Board of Selectmen.
To attend all regular and special meetings of the Board of Selectmen, unless unavailable for reasonable cause, and shall have a voice, but no vote, in all proceedings.
To keep the Board of Selectmen fully advised at a public meeting or in writing as to the needs of the Town and all Agencies and to make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen of actions required to resolve the situation.
To prepare the budgets which fall directly under the Board of Selectmen. To oversee the budgets for the Agencies under the supervision of the Selectmen, and in addition the Town Administrator will present to the Selectmen the budgets of elected Agencies and the Capital Plan in such a manner that the Selectmen have an understanding of the total budget. The Town Administrator will also work with the Finance Committee, the Accountant and the Treasurer to develop a plan for the funding of appropriations.
The Town Administrator will be responsible for Central Purchasing.
To see that all of the provisions of the laws of the Commonwealth, of this Charter, Town Bylaws, other votes of Town Meeting, and votes of the Board of Selectmen which require enforcement by the Town Administrator or other officers subject to the direction and supervision of the Town Administrator, are faithfully executed, performed or otherwise carried out.
To inquire, at any time, into the conduct and operation of any office or the performance of any Agency, its officers or employees under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen.
To attend all sessions of all Town Meetings and to be prepared to answer all questions raised by voters which relate to warrant articles and to matters over which the Town Administrator exercises any supervision.
To coordinate the activities of all Town agencies serving under the office of Town Administrator and the office of the Board of Selectmen with those under the control of other officers and multiple member bodies elected directly by the voters. For this purpose, the Town Administrator shall have the authority to require the persons so elected, or their representatives, to meet with the Town Administrator, at reasonable times, for the purpose of effecting coordination and cooperation among all agencies of the Town.
To perform any other duties that are required to be performed by the Town Administrator by By-laws, Administrative Code, vote of the Town Meeting or votes of the Selectmen, or otherwise.
The Town Administrator may authorize any subordinate officer or employee to exercise any power or perform any function or duty which is assigned to the office of Town Administrator, provided, however, that all acts performed under any such delegation shall at all times be deemed to be the acts of the Town Administrator.