Township of Peters, PA
Washington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Approved by the electors of the Peters Township 11-6-1973, effective 1-5-1976. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The people of Peters Township adopt this charter in the belief that our local government must serve the needs of our community and its present and future residents. The system of government set forth in this charter is designed to be both representative of and responsive to its citizens. It is our express purpose to establish an open government with the necessary flexibility to provide for orderly development of this community and protect the physical environment that we share.
Article I Name, Boundaries and Powers

§ C-1.01 Name and boundaries.

§ C-1.02 Powers.

§ C-1.03 Construction.

Article II Township Council

§ C-2.01 Composition, eligibility, election and terms.

§ C-2.02 Compensation; expenses.

§ C-2.03 General powers and duties.

§ C-2.04 Prohibitions.

§ C-2.05 Inquiries and investigations.

§ C-2.06 Manager.

§ C-2.07 Boards and departments.

§ C-2.08 Vacancies, forfeiture of office, filling vacancies.

§ C-2.09 Judge of qualifications.

§ C-2.10 Procedures.

§ C-2.11 Actions requiring an ordinance.

§ C-2.12 Procedure.

§ C-2.13 Penalty.

§ C-2.14 Publication and effective date of ordinances.

§ C-2.15 Recording of ordinances and resolutions.

§ C-2.16 Ordinances requiring prior public notice.

§ C-2.17 Codes of technical regulation.

§ C-2.18 Emergency ordinances.

Article III Township Manager

§ C-3.01 Qualifications.

§ C-3.02 Term of office.

§ C-3.03 Acting township manager.

§ C-3.04 Powers and duties of the township manager.

Article IV Administrative Departments and Tax Collector

§ C-4.01 General provisions.

§ C-4.02 Administrative code.

§ C-4.03 Personnel system.

§ C-4.04 Existing departments.

§ C-4.05 Legal officer.

§ C-4.06 Township Tax Collector.

Article V Financial Procedures

§ C-5.01 Fiscal year.

§ C-5.02 Submission of budget and budget message.

§ C-5.03 Budget message.

§ C-5.04 Budget.

§ C-5.05 Capital program.

§ C-5.06 Public record.

§ C-5.07 Council action on the budget.

§ C-5.08 Council action on capital program.

§ C-5.09 Lapse of appropriation.

§ C-5.10 Administration of the budget.

§ C-5.11 Independent audit.

§ C-5.12 Limitations on tax rates.

Article VI Planning

§ C-6.01 Administration.

§ C-6.02 Planning commission.

§ C-6.03 Comprehensive plan.

§ C-6.04 Implementation of the comprehensive plan.

§ C-6.05 Zoning hearing board.

§ C-6.06 Planning, zoning and land use control procedures.

Article VII Initiative and Referendum

§ C-7.01 General authority.

§ C-7.02 Commencement of proceedings; petitioners' committee; affidavit.

§ C-7.03 Petitions.

§ C-7.04 Procedure after filing.

§ C-7.05 Referendum petitions; suspension of effect of ordinance.

§ C-7.06 Action of petitions.

§ C-7.07 Results of election.

Article VIII General Provisions

§ C-8.01 Personal financial interest.

§ C-8.02 Prohibitions.

§ C-8.03 Continuation of general laws and ordinances.

§ C-8.04 Charter amendment.

§ C-8.05 Severability.

Article IX Schedule

§ C-9.01 Election to adopt charter.

§ C-9.02 First election.

§ C-9.03 Time of taking full effect.

§ C-9.04 Initial salary of Councilmen.

§ C-9.05 Initial organization meeting.