Township of Canton, PA
Washington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 14-101 Specific Intent.

[Ord. 3-1977, 1/25/1977, § 604.1]
It is the purpose of this Part to provide for the orderly development of mobile home sites with specific emphasis upon the provision of all necessary utilities, including an approved water supply system, a sanitary sewer system and necessary electrical connections. In addition, it is the intent of this Part to permit a more varied, efficient and attractive development pattern of mobile homes and to increase the flexibility and the location and the arrangement of such mobile homes.

§ 14-102 Procedure.

[Ord. 3-1977, 1/25/1977, § 604.2]
Any owner of a minimum of 10 contiguous acres of land, zoned as R-1 Agricultural-Residential, which permits a mobile home park as a matter of right, subject to the review of the Planning Commission and of the Board of Township Supervisors, may request that the regulations of this Part be applied to such property. The following procedure shall be observed:
The applicant shall appear before the Planning Commission for a pre-application conference for consideration of basic site information and sketch plans and preparation of application before submission of the application. The purpose of the pre-application conference is to the benefit of the applicant by providing information and guidance before the applicant shall have entered into binding commitments or incurred any substantial expense in the preparation of plans, surveys or other data.
The application shall be submitted to the Planning Commission and shall consist of the following:
A legal description of the property to be included.
A sketch plan showing the intent and over-all development plan.
The number, size and location of all mobile home berths.
The location and width of driveways, walkways and other easements existing or proposed.
The size and location of all proposed recreational areas.
The size and location of water, sewer and other utility lines.
The location of service buildings and any other existing and proposed structures.
The plans and specifications for all structures and other improvements existing or proposed within the mobile home park site.
The phasing of development, if any.
Such other information as may be required by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.
The Planning Commission shall forward the application to the Board of Township Supervisors together with written comments pertaining thereto.
If approved, a copy of the preliminary plans shall be returned to the applicant with a notation thereon, that the plan has received preliminary approval and that a final plan may be submitted together with such additional information as may be required by the Planning Commission and/or the Board of Township Supervisors.
If the application is rejected by the Board of Supervisors, the written reasons for such rejection shall be made available. The decision of the Board of Township Supervisors may be appealed by the applicant to the Board of Adjustment. All appeals shall be filed within 10 days of the decision of the Board of Township Supervisors.

§ 14-103 Issuance of Permits.

[Ord. 3-1977, 1/25/1977, § 604.3]
Upon final approval of the application by the Planning Commission and the Board of Township Supervisors and payments of fees as prescribed, the Township Secretary shall issue a mobile home park permit to the applicant which shall be valid for a period of one year thereafter.
Renewal permits for a like period shall be issued by the Township Secretary upon furnishing of proof by the applicant, that the subject mobile home park has maintained the standards prescribed in the Walker Township Zoning Ordinance [Chapter 27] and all applicable Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulations.

§ 14-104 Area and Bulk Regulations.

[Ord. 3-1977, 1/25/1977, § 604.4]
The following regulations shall be observed:
Lot size
10 acres or 435,600 square feet minimum
Lot width
100 feet for portions used for general vehicular entrances and exits; 200 feet for portions containing mobile home berths
Minimum setback of all mobile homes and accessory structures
75 feet from any road located outside the mobile home park site
Side and rear yards
50 feet minimum from any mobile home berth to any property line.

§ 14-105 Design Standards (General).

[Ord. 3-1977, 1/25/1977, § 604.5]
The following standards shall be applicable in all mobile home park sites:
Each mobile home berth shall contain an area at least 4,000 square feet in size and shall be no less than 40 feet in width.
Each mobile home berth shall contain at least two off-street parking spaces which are each 10 feet by 20 feet in size.
The minimum distance between mobile homes shall be 20 feet.
Each mobile home park shall be surrounded by a landscaped greenbelt at least 50 feet from each lot line, which distance may not be computed in meeting the area and bulk regulations.
Interior drives shall be designed so as to prevent blockage of vehicles entering or leaving the site. Drives may be one-way or two-way. All accessways to any public street or highway shall be located at least 200 feet from the intersection of any street lines and shall be designed in a manner conducive to safe ingress and egress.
All mobile home berths shall abut upon a roadway of not less than 36 feet in width for a two-way street and not less than 24 feet in width for a one-way street.
A recreational area equal to at least 400 square feet for each mobile home berth shall be set aside and improved according to an approved recreation plan and definition of recreational land and shall not be located in any required setback, yard or buffer area.
All accessory service buildings on the mobile home park site shall be connected to all mobile home berths by a walkway not less than three feet in width.
All driveways and walkways shall be lighted at night with electric lamps of not less than 100 watts each, spaced at intervals of not more than 100 feet.
The minimum number of berths completed and ready for occupancy before first occupancy shall be 50.

§ 14-106 Provision of Utilities and Necessary Services.

[Ord. 3-1977, 1/25/1977, § 604.6]
The following regulations shall be applicable in all mobile home park sites:
Fire hydrants, if provided, shall be located at least within 500 feet of any mobile home, service building or other accessory structure.
No on-lot sewage disposal system shall be permitted. All waste from showers, bathtubs, flush toilets, urinals, lavatories, washing machines and slop sinks in service and other buildings within the park shall be discharged into a public sewerage system.
All mobile homes, service and accessory buildings shall be connected to a public water supply system.
Each mobile home berth shall be provided with an approved electrical connection system.
Two clothes washers and one dryer shall be provided for each four mobile homes in a community or service building.
All organic rubbish or storage shall be contained in airtight, vermin-proof containers which shall be screened from view of any public right-of-way or abutting property. Refuse containers shall be located not more than 150 feet from any mobile home berth.

§ 14-107 Length of Residential Occupancy.

[Ord. 3-1977, 1/25/1977, § 604.7]
No berth shall be rented for residential use of a mobile home in any such park except for periods of 30 days or more, and no mobile home shall be admitted to any park unless it can be demonstrated that it meets the requirements of applicable local codes and ordinances.