Town of Windham, CT
Windham County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted 12-15-1982 as the Consolidation Ordinance; amended in its entirety by referendum 11-4-2014.[1] Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Editor's Note: The Charter was also amended in its entirety by referendum 11-3-1992 and 11-6-2007.
CHAPTER I General Provisions

§ I-1 Definitions.

CHAPTER II Powers of the Town

§ II-1 Powers.

§ II-2 Rights and obligations.

§ II-3 Effect of Charter; existing laws and ordinances.


§ III-1 General.

§ III-2 Voting districts.

§ III-3 Minority party representation.

§ III-4 Eligibility.

§ III-5 Breaking a tie.

§ III-6 Resignation of elected officials.

§ III-7 Vacancies.

CHAPTER IV Elective Officials

§ IV-1 General powers and duties.

§ IV-2 Terms of office.

§ IV-3 Elective officials.

§ IV-4 Judge of Probate.

§ IV-5 Compensation.


§ V-1 The Town Council.

§ V-2 The Mayor.

§ V-3 General powers and duties of the Town Council.

§ V-4 Procedures.

§ V-5 Public hearing on and publication of ordinances.

§ V-6 Repeal of ordinances.

§ V-7 Power of initiative.

§ V-8 Emergency ordinances.

§ V-9 Coordination.

§ V-10 Investigation.

§ V-11 Reapportionment.

CHAPTER Va Town Manager

§ Va-1 Appointment.

§ Va-2 Removal.

§ Va-3 Duties of the Town Manager.

§ Va-4 Appointments by the Manager.

§ Va-5 Administrative departments.

CHAPTER VI Board of Finance

§ VI-1 Board of Finance.

§ VI-2 General powers.

§ VI-3 Tax Collector, Assessor and Treasurer.

CHAPTER VII Appointive Offices

§ VII-1 General.

§ VII-2 Terms of office.

§ VII-3 General powers and duties.

§ VII-4 Town Attorney.

§ VII-4A Fire Marshal.

§ VII-5 Water Pollution Control Authority.

§ VII-6 Water Commission.

§ VII-7 Planning and Zoning Commission.

§ VII-8 Constables.

§ VII-9 Ethics Commission.

§ VII-10 Other appointive boards.

§ VII-11 Eligibility.

§ VII-12 Electric Utility Commission.

§ VII-13 Resignation of appointed officials.

§ VII-14 Removals.

§ VII-15 Reporting.


§ VIII-1 Salaries.

§ VIII-2 Removal.

CHAPTER IX Taxing Districts

§ IX-1 Taxing districts.

§ IX-2 Taxing district responsibilities.

§ IX-3 (Reserved for possible future use)

§ IX-4 Preparation of taxing district budgets.

§ IX-5 Duties of the Board of Finance regarding taxing district budgets.

§ IX-6 Taxing districts annual budgets.

§ IX-7 Additional appropriations.

CHAPTER X Finance and Taxation

§ X-1 Fiscal year.

§ X-2 Department of Finance.

§ X-3 Duties of the Town Manager on budget; joint session presentation of budgets.

§ X-4 Budget recommendations of the Council.

§ X-5 Duties of the Board of Education on budget.

§ X-6 Duties of the Board of Finance.

§ X-7 Annual budget meeting.

§ X-8 Expenditures and accounting.

§ X-9 Borrowing.

§ X-10 Enterprise funds.

CHAPTER XI The Town Meeting

§ XI-1 Annual and Special Meetings.

§ XI-2 Procedures.

§ XI-3 When action by Town Meeting required.

CHAPTER XII Water System

§ XII-1 Powers of the Water Commission.

CHAPTER XIII Transition and Miscellaneous Provisions

§ XIII-1 Transfer of powers.

§ XIII-2 Transfer of records and property.

§ XIII-3 Present employees to retain positions.

§ XIII-4 Legal proceedings.

§ XIII-5 Conflict of interest.

§ XIII-6 Official bonds.

§ XIII-7 Existing laws and ordinances.

§ XIII-8 Savings clause.

§ XIII-9 Usage.

§ XIII-10 Review and amendment of the Charter.

§ XIII-11 Effective date.