Township of Knowlton, NJ
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Knowlton as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted by Ord. No. 82-7 (Sec. 4-4 of the Revised General Ordinances)]

§ 94-1 Permit required.

No person, firm, group or corporation shall operate or conduct a rock music concert or pop music festival or other outdoor or indoor assembly of persons for a musical entertainment event to which members of the public are invited to attend either on a charge or no-charge basis unless the person, firm, group or corporation has first obtained a permit from the Township Committee.

§ 94-2 Application procedure.

Forms for such application may be obtained from the Township Clerk. Such forms shall be completed by the applicant and submitted, together with the documents required in § 94-3, to the Township Clerk 10 days prior to the regular meeting of the Township Committee at which time the applicant wishes the application considered. The Township Committee shall, within 30 days of the date of the meeting at which the application is considered, approve or disapprove by resolution the application, with the reasons therefor. Failure of the Township Committee to act upon the application within the above time period shall be deemed to be a denial of the application for a permit.

§ 94-3 Additional items to accompany application.

All applications for a permit shall furnish proof to the satisfaction of the Township Committee of the following:
The promotion and completion of a least two similar events at other locations within the immediately preceding twenty-four-month period.
Existing sanitary and water facilities sufficient to accommodate as a minimum the number of persons projected to attend the event. The applicant shall submit a sworn affidavit stating the number of persons invited, the number of persons who have accepted invitations and the number of persons anticipated to be in attendance.
Parking and traffic control plan for the entire event of proceedings sufficient to ensure a free flow of traffic and adequate parking. The plan shall be sufficient to control all the vehicles which may be involved based on the projected number of participants and attendance as stated in the applicant's above affidavit.
Complete plan for the processing, handling and sale of food and proof of ability to provide food for the anticipated attendees. In the event that the applicant has arranged to have the food provided by persons other than himself, proof of ability of such third parties to process, handle, sell or provide food shall be submitted in the same manner.

§ 94-4 Report from Township Clerk.

The Township Committee shall, prior to acting upon any application, request and consider a report from the Township Clerk, which report shall contain information as to whether:
The conduct of the event would be injurious to public safety or morals.
The conduct of the event will create unreasonable interference with traffic.
The event by reason of the nature of its operation will attract undesirable persons and cause congregations giving use to commission of criminal offenses, disorderly persons act offenses, acts of juvenile delinquency or municipal ordinances violating on or about the premises where the activity is to take place.
The Township Clerk shall make his report in writing, with the grounds therefor and his recommendations.

§ 94-5 Report from Board of Health.

The Township Committee shall, prior to acting upon any application, request and consider a report from the Township Board of Health with regard to the adequacy of the existing sanitary and sewer facilities and the proposed plan of food processing, handling and distribution.

§ 94-6 Report of Township Engineer concerning traffic and parking.

The Township Committee shall, prior to the acting upon any application, request and consider a review of the traffic control and parking plan submitted by the applicant and a report of the sufficiency thereof from the Township Engineer.

§ 94-7 Application and permit fee.

Each person, firm, group or corporation making any application for any permit set forth herein shall pay the sum of $1,000 upon filing of an application as an application and permits fee.

§ 94-8 Standards to be used for approval or denial.

The Township Committee shall review the materials required in § 94-3 to be submitted by the applicant and the reports of the Township Clerk, the Board of Health and the Township Engineer and shall use these materials and reports as the standard upon which the determination to grant or deny the permit shall be based.