Borough of Jamesburg, NJ
Middlesex County
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[1982 Code § 2-11A.1]
There is hereby established within the Borough of Jamesburg, County of Middlesex, a fire district, to be known as "Fire District No. 1" whose territorial boundary shall be the entire municipality.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.2]
A Board of Fire Commissioners, which shall have the powers, duties and functions within the fire district to the same extent as in the case of municipalities, such powers, duties and functions relating to the prevention and extinguishment of fire and the regulation of fire hazards, to consist of five persons, residents therein, shall be elected at an election to be conducted by the Board of Fire Commissioners.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.3]
Candidates for membership on the Board of Fire Commissioners shall be nominated by verified petitions. Each petition shall be signed by not less than 10 qualified voters and shall be filed at least 28 days before the date of the election.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.4]
At the first meeting of a newly elected Board of Fire Commissioners of a district, the Board shall choose a Chairman and shall fix the time and place for the annual election. The members of the Board shall be elected for terms of three years.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.5]
Any vacancy in the membership shall be filled by the remaining members until the next succeeding annual election, at which time a resident of the district shall be elected for the unexpired term.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.6]
Members of the Board of Fire Commissioners shall assume the responsibilities of their elected offices on January 1.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.7]
An election shall be held annually in each Fire District for the election of members of the Board according to the expiration of terms as determined at the first meeting of the newly elected Board. The date, time and place of the election shall be determined by the Board, and the notice thereof and of the closing date for the filing with the Clerk of the Board of petitions of nominations for membership on the Board shall be published at least once in a newspaper circulating in the district at least six weeks prior to the date fixed for the election.
The legal voters of the District shall determine the amount of money to be raised for the ensuing year and shall determine such other matters as may be required.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.8]
The Clerk of the Board of Fire Commissioners, as the case may be, shall cause a further notice of the holding of such election to be published at least once not later than one week prior thereto in a newspaper circulating in the Fire District.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.9]
Before the opening of polls, a public proclamation shall be made by the Chairman of the Board or the Clerk, or his or their representatives, as to the purpose of voting. Two tellers for each polling place shall be appointed by the Chairman or Clerk, and thereupon the polls shall be opened and the balloting shall continue without recess until the closing of the polls. Immediately after the close of the polls, the clerk and tellers shall forthwith canvass the votes and certify the results. The Clerk shall publicly announce the results.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.10]
The Board of Fire Commissioners shall certify the amount of money voted at the annual district meeting to the Borough Assessor in which district is situated who shall assess the amount thereof against the taxable property therein in the same manner as municipal taxes are assessed, and the amount shall be assessed, levied and collected at the same time and in the same manner as other municipal taxes.
The Chief Financial Officer of the Borough of Jamesburg shall pay over all moneys so assessed to the Treasurer or custodian of funds of the Fire District, one-half on or before July 1 in the year for which the taxes are levied and the other half on or before January 1 of the following year, to be held and expended for the purpose of providing and maintaining means for extinguishing fires in such District.
[1982 Code § 2-11A.11]
The Secretary and Treasurer shall be members of the Board, and their appointment shall be for terms of one year.
Each member of the Board of Fire Commissioners shall receive as compensation such amounts as the Board shall fix, subject to review by the Borough Council wherein the Fire District is located.