Town of Monroe, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 2-11-1974 by L.L. No. 2-1974]
The Town Board recognizes the need for safely illuminating street intersections within the town, and, by creating the following provisions, the Board will require, unless waived, that any newly created street intersection of the Town of Monroe shall be illuminated, and the cost of installing such illumination shall be borne by the person creating such intersections.
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any person, firm, partnership, corporation, association or legal representative, acting individually or jointly.
A plan or plat other than a subdivision plat showing the location of structures and/or buildings and other related facilities, submitted to the Planning Board for such review and approval, as may be required by the Town of Monroe Zoning Law in conjunction with a special exception use or otherwise.
Any highway, road or lane designed for vehicular use by the public in general.
A tract of land which is hereafter divided into two or more lots or parcels along an existing or proposed street, highway, easement or right-of-way for sale or for rent as residential lots or residential building plots, regardless of whether the lots or plots to be sold or offered for sale, or leased for any period of time, are described by metes and bounds or by reference to a map or survey of the property or by any other method of description.
In any subdivision or area of a site plan hereafter finally approved by the Planning Board of the Town of Monroe which shall contain an intersection of two or more streets, there shall be installed at each such intersection a streetlight which, in the opinion of the Town Superintendent of Highways, shall be of a capacity which shall safely illuminate such intersection.
No such subdivision or site plan shall receive final approval by the Town of Monroe Planning Board unless the final plat shall indicate the streetlights required by this Article. The requirements of this Article shall not be deemed one of the required public improvements referred to in § A65-25 of the Code of the Town of Monroe that may be waived by the Planning Board.
The cost of installing any streetlights required by this Article shall be a part of any performance bond posted to secure installation of public improvements within such subdivision or area of site plan as a condition of such approval.
If any such subdivision is served by an underground electric system, any streetlight required hereby shall be connected to such system.
The cost of installing such streetlights shall be borne by the subdivider or developer of the area of a site plan. The cost of subsequently maintaining said lights shall be charged to the Town of Monroe town-wide light district.
Upon written application, the Town Board of the Town of Monroe may waive the requirements of this Article upon a showing that such requirements are unnecessary or are unduly burdensome. No such waiver shall be granted unless the Town Board is satisfied that the health and safety of the affected community and the town as a whole will not be jeopardized or imperiled by such a waiver.
This Article shall take effect immediately, and shall apply to any subdivision or site plan which has not received final approval from the Town of Monroe Planning Board.