Town of Agawam, MA
Hampden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 180-17 Permitted uses.

In a Residence A-1 District as indicated by the Building Zone Map, no building or other structure shall be erected, altered or used and no land shall be used or occupied for any purpose except one or more of the following:
A one-family dwelling for one housekeeping unit only.
The office of a physician, surgeon, dentist or lawyer residing on the premises. No display, sign or other advertising device shall be permitted except an interior illuminated, reflective or nonilluminated professional nameplate having an area of not more than 144 square inches.
Town buildings, county, state and federal buildings, playgrounds and parks and such accessory buildings as may be ordered by the Board of Public Officers or Town officials having charge of the land upon which such accessory buildings are or will be erected.
Real estate signs having an area of not more than six square feet advertising the sale, rental or lease of the premises on which they are maintained.
Cemeteries adjacent to or in extension of existing cemeteries and crematories, provided that such crematories are situated within cemeteries.
Accessory uses customarily incident to any use or building permitted by this section, provided that such use of buildings shall not be offensive or dangerous to life by reason of health or fire, and provided further that such accessory use shall not include any activity conducted for gain. No advertising device, whether illuminated or otherwise, shall be permitted in connection with such accessory uses or building.
The keeping and raising of poultry, livestock and pigeons, whether raised for the table or other purposes, or other like objectionable uses are prohibited.
Private garages, provided that no business, service or industry is conducted therefrom or therein. Not more than one motor vehicle for each 5,000 square feet of lot area or fraction thereof up to a limit of five vehicles per lot shall be permitted. Space for motor vehicles shall not be used, leased or rented for commercial vehicles. No commercial vehicles shall be parked on a lot in the open. These space regulations shall apply to vehicles regularly left on the lot, whether housed or in the open. The presence of more than one unregistered vehicle is prohibited.[1]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 172, Vehicles, Unregistered.

§ 180-18 Height regulations.

A residence building shall not exceed 2 1/2 stories or more than 35 feet in height. Town buildings shall not exceed 50 feet in height. The height provisions shall not apply to chimneys or flag or radio poles. An accessory building shall not exceed 1 1/2 stories or 25 feet in height.

§ 180-19 Setback requirements.

No part of any building shall be placed within 35 feet of any street line, and on a corner lot, except as otherwise provided in this section, no part of any building shall be created or altered so as to be less than 35 feet from any street line.
No part of any garage or other accessory building situated within 65 feet of any street line shall extend within 15 feet of any lot line intersecting such street which serves as a side lot line located in any residence district or within 15 feet of any street line. An accessory building shall be placed at least five feet from any side lot line.
On a corner lot, no part of any building shall be erected or altered so as to be less than 30 feet from any street line.
When a dwelling or its attached garage is to be erected on a lot in a Residence A-1 District adjoining a business or industrial district, the setback from the street line on which it faces need not exceed 30 feet.
Existing open porches which are 30 feet or more from the street line may be enclosed on one or more sides with glazed enclosures.

§ 180-20 Yards.

Side yards. There shall be a side yard between a principal building and each side lot line which shall be 15 feet wide in its least dimension. Detached garages or accessory buildings shall be placed at least five feet from a side lot line if located more than 65 feet from a street line.
Rear yards.
There shall be a rear yard on every lot between the principal building and the rear lot line. It shall be not less than 25 feet deep in its least dimension.
A one-story accessory building shall be placed at least five feet from the rear lot line. A one-and-one-half-story accessory building shall be placed at least 10 feet from the rear lot line.

§ 180-21 Lot size.

No lot shall have a frontage of less than 125 feet on a street or an area of less than 17,000 square feet.

§ 180-22 Lot coverage.

No principal building shall be erected or altered so as to cover more than 30% of the area of the lot on which it is located.