Atlantic City, NJ
Atlantic County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I: Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 4 Administration of Government

Chapter 7 Affirmative Action

Chapter 10 Airport Advisory Board, Municipal and Regional

Chapter 11 All Wars Memorial Building Committee

Chapter 12 Arson Investigation Unit

Chapter 13 Arts Commission

Chapter 14 Atlantic City Ward Commission

Chapter 14A Burial Expenses

Chapter 15 Contracts

Chapter 15A Criminal History Background Checks

Chapter 16 Defense and Indemnification

Chapter 18 Documents, City

Chapter 19 Drug-Free Public Housing Facility, Public Park and Public Building Zones

Chapter 20 Drug-Free School Zones

Chapter 21 Entertainers and Special Events

Chapter 21A Environment

Chapter 22 Ethics, Code of

Chapter 28 Flag, Official

Chapter 30 Hiring Policies

Chapter 31 Housing Advisory Commission

Chapter 32 Housing Authority

Chapter 35 Human Relations Commission

Chapter 37 Insurance

Chapter 40 Public Safety Civilian Review Board

Chapter 41 Landlord-Tenant Affairs Board

Chapter 43 Local Development Board

Chapter 44 Mayor's Office for Film and Television Commission

Chapter 45 Meetings, Public

Chapter 46 Multicultural Affairs, Advisory Board on

Chapter 47 Personnel

Chapter 48 Personnel Policies

Chapter 52 Police

Chapter 53 Procurement

Chapter 54 Purchasing Board

Chapter 55 Redevelopment Fund

Chapter 56 Residency Requirements

Chapter 57 Salaries, Titles and Other Compensation

Chapter 57A Shade Tree Committee

Chapter 58 (Reserved)

Chapter 59 (Reserved)

Chapter 61 Utilities

Chapter 64 Weapon-Free School Zones

Part II: General Legislation

Chapter 71 Air Pollution

Chapter 76 Alarms

Chapter 79 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 81 Amusement Games and Devices

Chapter 87 Auctions, Demonstrations and Sales

Chapter 89 Aviation and Airport Regulations

Chapter 90 Background Checks

Chapter 92 Beaches, Boardwalk and Oceanfront

Chapter 93 Bird and Wildlife Feeding

Chapter 94 (Reserved)

Chapter 97 (Reserved)

Chapter 98 Boardwalk Trams

Chapter 99 Boats

Chapter 103 Brush, Grass and Weeds

Chapter 104 Buildings, Abandoned

Chapter 105 Buildings, Demolition of

Chapter 106 Buildings, Moving of

Chapter 108 Buildings, Unfit

Chapter 108A Checks, Returned

Chapter 109 Clairvoyants, Mediums and Fortune-Tellers

Chapter 110 Clinical Facilities

Chapter 111 Construction Codes, Uniform

Chapter 113 Contractors, Licensing of

Chapter 114 Criminal Record Checks, Use of

Chapter 115 Curfew

Chapter 118 Displaced Persons

Chapter 121 Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 123 Emergency Services

Chapter 125 Firearms and Fireworks

Chapter 126 Fire Insurance Liens

Chapter 128 Firesafety

Chapter 132 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 137 Food Establishments

Chapter 138 Foods, Adulterated

Chapter 140 Games of Chance on Sunday

Chapter 143 Garbage, Rubbish and Refuse

Chapter 145 Hawkers, Peddlers and Vendors

Chapter 146 Hazardous Materials

Chapter 147 Heat and Heating Equipment

Chapter 150 Horses and Horse-Drawn Vehicles

Chapter 155 Jewelry Appraisal; Precious Metals

Chapter 158 Junkyards and Junk Dealers

Chapter 163 Land Use Development

Chapter 170 Licenses and Fees

Chapter 171 Copies of Documents Maintained by City Clerk

Chapter 172 Copies of Documents Maintained by Engineer's Office and Police Department

Chapter 173 Littering

Chapter 178 Marine Off-Loading Facilities

Chapter 182 Massage Parlors

Chapter 183 Motorcycles, Mopeds and Similar Vehicles

Chapter 184 Newsracks

Chapter 186 Noise

Chapter 190 Nuisances, Public Health

Chapter 194 Occupancy Permits

Chapter 197 Parades and Assemblies

Chapter 201 Parking Facilities

Chapter 202 Parking: Residential Areas

Chapter 203 Parks

Chapter 204 Peace and Good Order

Chapter 205 Pedestrian Mall

Chapter 206 Political Contributions

Chapter 207 Property Maintenance

Chapter 208 Public Health, Welfare and Safety

Chapter 209 Recycling

Chapter 209A Rental Property

Chapter 210 Rolling Chairs

Chapter 211 Rooming and Boarding Houses

Chapter 212 Sales, Going-Out-Of-Business

Chapter 215 Secondhand Goods Dealers

Chapter 216 Sex Offenders, Registration of

Chapter 217 Shore Protection, Emergency

Chapter 220 Smoke Detectors: Rental Dwelling Units

Chapter 221 Smoking

Chapter 222 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 223 Stormwater Management

Chapter 227 Surfing

Chapter 228 Kayaking

Chapter 229 Swimming Pools

Chapter 231 Taxation

Chapter 233 Taxicabs, Jitneys and Vehicles for Hire

Chapter 234 Telephones, Outdoor Public

Chapter 235 Towing of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 236 Toy Guns

Chapter 238 Trailers and Campers

Chapter 243 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 246 Vending Machines

Chapter 248 Water

Chapter 251 Window Guards

Chapter 253 Wireless Communications


Chapter A265 Cable Television Franchise

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition of Legislation