Town of Orangetown, NY
Rockland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I: Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 Code of Ethics

Chapter 1A General Provisions

Chapter 1B Amusement Devices

Chapter 1C Alarm Systems

Chapter 1D Appearance Tickets

Chapter 1E Noncriminal Fingerprinting

Chapter 2 Architecture and Community Appearance Board of Review

Chapter 3 Assessor, Office of

Chapter 4 Bingo and Games of Chance

Chapter 5 Building Construction and Fire Prevention

Chapter 5A Buildings, Numbering of

Chapter 6 Building Construction Administration

Chapter 6A Building, Zoning and Planning Administration

Chapter 6B Claims

Chapter 6C Cemeteries

Chapter 7 Commercial Amusement Licenses

Chapter 7A Conduct — Public Areas

Chapter 7B Constabulary

Chapter 8 Demolition of Buildings

Chapter 8A Public Works Departments

Chapter 9 Dogs

Chapter 10 Drinking in Public

Chapter 10A Drug Paraphernalia

Chapter 10B Drug-Free School Zones

Chapter 10C Disorderly Offenses

Chapter 11 Dumping and Trespass

Chapter 11A Entertainment, Public: Musical or Large Groups

Chapter 11B Environmental Quality Review

Chapter 12 Historic Areas

Chapter 12A (Reserved)

Chapter 13 Explosives and Blasting

Chapter 13A (Reserved)

Chapter 14 Fees

Chapter 14A Fire Prevention Bureau

Chapter 14B Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 14C Filming

Chapter 15 Fire Prevention Code

Chapter 17A Gasoline Station Permits: Moratorium

Chapter 17B Garbage Removal

Chapter 17C Graffiti

Chapter 18 Hawking and Peddling

Chapter 18A Historical Areas Board of Review

Chapter 19 Historic Road Preservation

Chapter 19A Defense and Indemnification of Public Employees

Chapter 19B Housing, Affordable

Chapter 20 Junk Dealers' Licensing

Chapter 21 Land Development Regulations

Chapter 21A Site Development Plan Approval

Chapter 22 Noise

Chapter 23 Memorial Day Activities

Chapter 23A Parking Areas

Chapter 24 Parking Lots, Municipal

Chapter 24A Police Department Disciplinary Procedures

Chapter 24B Police Assistance, Intermunicipal

Chapter 24C Property Maintenance

Chapter 25 Public Hearings

Chapter 26 Parking Meters

Chapter 26A Retail Establishments

Chapter 26B Recycling

Chapter 27 Road Excavations, Driveways and Heavy Hauling

Chapter 28 Planning Services Department

Chapter 29 Sanitation and Sewage

Chapter 29A Scavenger Wastes

Chapter 30 Sewers — Rules and Regulations

Chapter 30A Industrial Wastes

Chapter 30B Pollutant Limitations

Chapter 30C Stormwater Management

Chapter 30D Sediment and Erosion Control and Stormwater Management

Chapter 31 Sewer Charges

Chapter 31A (Reserved)

Chapter 31B Sidewalk Cafes and Vending

Chapter 32 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 33 Swimming Pools

Chapter 34 Taxation

Chapter 34A Traffic Violations Bureau

Chapter 35 Trees and Shrubbery

Chapter 36 Unattended Businesses

Chapter 37 Unsafe Buildings

Chapter 38 Pregnancy Termination Facilities

Chapter 39 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 40 Vehicle and Traffic Regulations: Enforcement of Parking and Traffic Regulations on Private Property and Shopping Plazas

Chapter 41 Watercourse Diversion and Pollution

Chapter 41A Violations and Penalties

Chapter 42 Zoning and Building Permits: Moratorium

Chapter 43 Zoning


Chapter 50 Part I: Street Specifications for Subdivisions

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List