Worcester County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
General Provisions Article

Title GP1 Enactment Provisions

Title GP2 Rules of Interpretation

Title GP3 Curative Laws

Title GP4 Revision of Code

Title GP5 Civil Infractions

Building Regulations Article

Title BR1 General Provisions

Title BR2 Construction Regulations

Title BR3 Property Maintenance Standards

County Government Article

Title CG1 General Provisions

Title CG2 County Commissioners

Title CG3 Civil Divisions

Title CG4 General Administration

Title CG5 Ethics

Title CG6 Other County Commissions

Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article

Title CJ1 Circuit Court

Title CJ2 Orphan's Court

Title CJ3 Other Judicial Officers

Title CJ4 State's Attorney

Criminal Law Article

Title CL1 Crimes and Punishments

Natural Resources Article

Subtitle NR1:I Stormwater Management

Subtitle NR1:II Erosion and Sediment Control

Subtitle NR1:III Agricultural Land Preservation

Subtitle NR1:IV Forest Conservation

Subtitle NR2:I Bodies of Water

Subtitle NR2:II Water Conservation

Subtitle NR3:I Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area

Subtitle NR3:II Chesapeake Bay Critical Area

Public Health Article

Title PH1 Health-Related Nuisances

Title PH2 Health Care

Title PH3 (Reserved)

Public Safety Article

Title PS1 Fire

Title PS2 Animals

Title PS3 Vehicular Safety

Title PS4 General Safety Laws

Title PS5 Prisoners

Title PS6 Emergency Services

Title PS7 Law Enforcement Officers

Public Works Article

Title PW1 Roads and Streets

Title PW2 Solid Waste

Title PW3 Drainage and Conservation

Title PW4 Miscellaneous Public Works Projects

Title PW5 Water and Sewers

Taxation and Revenue Article

Title TR1 Taxation

Title TR2 Licenses and Permits

Zoning and Subdivision Control Article

Subtitle ZS1:I General Provisions

Subtitle ZS1:II Primary District Regulations

Subtitle ZS1:III Supplementary Districts and District Regulations

Subtitle ZS2:I General Provisions

Subtitle ZS2:II Control, Enforcement and Penalties

Subtitle ZS2:III Plat Procedures for Minor Subdivisions

Subtitle ZS2:IV Plat Procedures for Major Subdivisions

Subtitle ZS2:V Standards

Subtitle ZS3:I Outdoor Advertising

Subtitle ZS4:I Overlay Zones


Appendixes A-JJ Appendixes

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List