Town of Rocky Hill, CT
Hartford County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Rocky Hill 7-24-1989; approved at referendum 11-7-1989. Amendments noted where applicable.]

Civil Preparedness Agency — See Ch. 6.

Classified service — See Ch. 14.

Justices of the Peace — See Ch. 30.

Officers and employees — See Ch. 38.

Open Space and Conservation Commission — See Ch. 42.

Pensions — See Ch. 46.

Planning and Zoning Commission — See Ch. 50.

Voting districts — See Ch. 66.

Incorporation and General Powers (§ C1-1 — § C1-3) 

Elections (§ C2-1 — § C2-10) 

The Mayor (§ C3-1 — § C3-3) 

Council (§ C4-1 — § C4-16) 

Town Manager (§ C5-1 — § C5-5) 

Officers and Boards Responsible to Council (§ C6-1 — § C6-12) 

Administrative Officers and Departments Responsible to the Town Manager (§ C7-1 — § C7-7) 

Financial Provisions and Taxation (§ C8-1 — § C8-22) 

Personnel (§ C9-1 — § C9-7) 

Board of Education (§ C10-1) 

Miscellaneous Provisions (§ C11-1 — § C11-6) 

Article I Incorporation and General Powers

§ C1-1 Incorporation.

§ C1-2 Rights and obligations.

§ C1-3 General grant of powers.

Article II Elections

§ C2-1 Regular Town election.

§ C2-2 Elective officers.

§ C2-3 Terms of elective office.

§ C2-4 Nomination of candidates.

§ C2-5 Determination of sufficiency of petitions.

§ C2-6 Breaking a tie.

§ C2-7 Minority representation.

§ C2-8 Vacancies in elective offices.

§ C2-9 Qualifications.

§ C2-10 Voting districts.

Article III The Mayor

§ C3-1 Election and qualification.

§ C3-2 Duties.

§ C3-3 Appointments.

Article IV Council

§ C4-1 Composition.

§ C4-2 Powers.

§ C4-3 Organization.

§ C4-4 Procedure.

§ C4-5 Introduction of ordinances.

§ C4-6 Public hearings and passage of ordinances.

§ C4-7 Borrowing.

§ C4-8 Mandatory referendum.

§ C4-9 Emergency ordinance.

§ C4-10 Right of referendum on ordinances and certain resolutions.

§ C4-11 Initiative.

§ C4-12 Removals and suspensions.

§ C4-13 Investigations.

§ C4-14 Compensation.

§ C4-15 Concurrent offices.

§ C4-16 Sale, lease or purchase of real property.

Article V Town Manager

§ C5-1 Appointment, qualification and tenure.

§ C5-2 Powers and duties.

§ C5-3 Appointments.

§ C5-4 Acting Town Manager.

§ C5-5 Compensation.

Article VI Officers and Boards Responsible to Council

§ C6-1 Town Clerk.

§ C6-2 Town Attorney.

§ C6-3 Director of Health.

§ C6-4 Director of Public Welfare.

§ C6-5 Constables.

§ C6-6 Open Space and Conservation Commission.

§ C6-7 Economic Development Commission.

§ C6-8 Planning and Zoning Commission.

§ C6-9 Public Buildings Commission.

§ C6-10 Personnel Review Board.

§ C6-11 Auditor.

§ C6-12 Vacancies in appointive offices.

Article VII Administrative Officers and Departments Responsible to the Town Manager

§ C7-1 Department of Finance.

§ C7-2 Town Treasurer.

§ C7-3 Department of Public Safety.

§ C7-4 Department of Highways and Engineering.

§ C7-5 Department of Parks and Recreation.

§ C7-6 Library Director.

§ C7-7 Other departments, offices and agencies.

Article VIII Financial Provisions and Taxation

§ C8-1 Fiscal year.

§ C8-2 Scope of annual budget.

§ C8-3 Departmental estimates.

§ C8-4 Duties of Town Manager with respect to budget.

§ C8-5 Budget hearing.

§ C8-6 Duties of Council with respect to budget.

§ C8-7 Effect of adoption of Town budget.

§ C8-8 Additional appropriation.

§ C8-9 Transfer of appropriations.

§ C8-10 Effect of appropriation.

§ C8-11 Lapse of appropriation.

§ C8-12 Borrowing to meet emergency appropriations.

§ C8-13 Borrowing in anticipation of taxes.

§ C8-14 Notes redeemable prior to maturity.

§ C8-15 Purchasing.

§ C8-16 Purchasing procedure.

§ C8-17 Contracts for public works.

§ C8-18 Payment of claims.

§ C8-19 Fees collected by Town officers and employees.

§ C8-20 Official bonds.

§ C8-21 Penalties for violation of Charter.

§ C8-22 Annual audit.

Article IX Personnel

§ C9-1 Merit system.

§ C9-2 Classified service.

§ C9-3 Personnel Director.

§ C9-4 Discrimination prohibited.

§ C9-5 Retirement.

§ C9-6 Status of present employees.

§ C9-7 Conflicts of interest.

Article X Board of Education

§ C10-1 Powers and duties.

Article XI Miscellaneous Provisions

§ C11-1 Amendment of Charter.

§ C11-2 Constitutionality.

§ C11-3 Definitions.

§ C11-4 Word usage.

§ C11-5 Existing laws and ordinances.

§ C11-6 Transition.