Town of New Castle, NY
Westchester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of New Castle 6-25-1974. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 46.
Building construction administration — See Ch. 48.
Plumbing — See Ch. 93.
Street and sidewalk excavations — See Ch. 111, Art. I.
Subdivision of land — See Ch. 113.
Water rules and regulations — See Ch. 131.
The intent of these specifications is to cover the installation of all cast-iron pipelines to be used for the conveying of water derived from a public water supply system in any of the water districts of the Town of New Castle. Any pipeline that does not conform to the requirements of these specifications will not be accepted for maintenance by the Town Water Department.
All persons or parties desiring to install cast-iron pipelines to be connected with the public water system of the Town of New Castle shall make written application for permission to install and connect said pipelines. This application shall be accompanied by plans in duplicate, showing the location of said proposed water main and also the size of pipelines, locations or appurtenances, such as meter pits, hydrants, valves, etc.
The laying and testing of all cast-iron pipelines to be connected with the public water system of the Town of New Castle shall be performed in the presence of an inspector to be furnished by the Water Department of the Town of New Castle, for whose services the person or parties constructing such extension shall pay the sum set forth by the water district for each and every day or portion thereof in which the services of the inspector are required. No water will be turned into the waterline until payment in full for the services of said inspector has been received.
Unless otherwise specifically permitted by the Water Department in writing, all materials used for such cast-iron pipe shall conform to the following specifications.
All cast-iron pipe shall be mechanical joint or tyton pipe conforming as a specification A21.6, class thickness 24. The pipe shall be provided with standard tar coating and shall be new pipe. The minimum class of pipe shall be eight-inch Class 250 centrifugally cast, cement-lined, thickness class 24. All pipe installed under county and state highways and railroad beds shall be cement-lined ductile iron pipe and in a sleeve suitable to the Engineer's specifications.
Fittings shall be cement-lined Class 250 mechanical joint. All fittings are to be blocked to side of trench with concrete.
All valves shall conform to the latest standard specifications of the American Water Works Association for gate valves. They shall be of the two-hundred-pound working pressure, four-hundred-pound test class and shall open to the left. Valves shall be similar and equal to those made by Darling Valve and Manufacturing Company, Mueller Valve Company or Kennedy Valve Company. Valves shall be mechanical joint end and shall be equipped with valve boxes of the adjustable type. Three valves are to be installed at all intersections and at one-thousand-foot intervals along the water main. Where a main can be extended at a future date, a valve shall be installed at the end of the water main.
All hydrants shall have five-inch valve openings, six-inch hub and shall be of a mechanical joint adopted for a four-and-one-half-foot trench. They shall be of the two-, two-and-one-half-inch hose-nozzle and four-and-one-half-inch steamer-connection type. The fire hydrants shall be of the make standardized by the Water Department of the Town of New Castle. Hose connections on fire hydrants shall be 11/2 feet above finished grade of road. Where practical, a fire hydrant shall be installed at every high point. Fire hydrants shall be spaced at five-hundred-foot intervals and installed at the end of dead-end water mains.
Pipes shall be laid with the top of the pipe barrel at a minimum of four feet below the surface of the ground or finished grade of roadway; and the trench shall conform to the AWWA standard, Excavation and Preparation of Trench, Section 6.
Cast-iron pipes shall be laid as follows:
All water mains shall be installed according to AWWA standard for installation of cast-iron water mains.
Suitable tools and appliances for the safe and convenient handling and for the laying of pipe shall be used. Great care shall be taken to prevent the tar coating from being damaged. All pipe and fittings shall be carefully examined for defects, and no pipe or special casting which is known to be defective shall be laid or placed. If any defective pipe or special casting is discovered after being laid, it shall be removed and replaced with a sound pipe or special casting. The pipes shall be kept clean until they are accepted with the completed work.
The open ends of all pipes and special castings shall be plugged or otherwise closed to the approval of the inspector before leaving the work for the night and for holidays or other times of interruption of the work. All pipe ends which would otherwise be left open at the end of the contract shall be provided with suitable caps or plugs.
All new pipelines shall be tested before backfilling in the presence of the inspector. For this purpose the contractor shall furnish the necessary connection, gaskets, pump and fixings. The hydrostatic test shall conform to AWWA standard (Section 13).
Backfilling shall conform to AWWA standard (Backfilling, Section 14).
Hydrants shall be set exactly plumb and to the depth intended by the manufacturer. They shall rest upon a selected stone or block of concrete not less than 12 inches by 12 inches by six inches, cushioned by a few inches of sand, and shall be similarly backed up to prevent the likelihood of a joint's blowing out. Hydrants shall be surrounded by at least five cubic feet of one-and-one-half-inch crushed stone gravel. In excavations where drainage cannot be secured in this way, other arrangements for drainage will be made. Each hydrant shall be placed on a six-inch spur connection with the main and shall be provided with an individual mechanical joint shutoff valve. Just prior to the completion of the job, all hydrants shall be painted with one coat of an approved paint. All hydrants shall be anchored according to AWWA standard (Section 12).
All connections with the mains of the Town of New Castle shall be made by the Water Department but at the expense of the owner. The owner shall furnish such common labor and do and perform such excavation, sheathing, pumping and related work as may be directed. The owner shall, before the water is turned on, pay the Water Department of the Town of New Castle the complete cost of all labor and material, including any necessary tees, sleeves, cutting in valves and other appliances and materials that may be necessary.
All taps and service connections will be installed by the Water Department of the Town of New Castle at the expense of the owner and in trenches to be excavated and backfilled by him.
All new water main construction shall be disinfected according to AWWA C 601 standard.