Town of Stillwater, NY
Saratoga County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
This chapter may be known and may be cited as the "Town of Stillwater Emergency Management Plan."
It shall be the intent and purpose of this chapter to establish an Emergency Management Team that will insure the complete and efficient utilization of all Town/Village facilities to combat attacks or other disasters as defined herein.
The Town of Stillwater's Emergency Management Team will be the coordinating agency for all activity in connection with civil defense (emergency management); it will be the instrument through which the Town Supervisor/Village Mayor may exercise the authority and discharge the responsibilities vested in him/her according to the Town of Stillwater Charter, Village of Stillwater Charter and the New York State Constitution.
This chapter will not relieve any Town/Village department of its legal responsibilities or authority given to it in the Town/Village Charter or by local ordinance, nor will it adversely affect the work of any volunteer agency organized for relief work in disaster emergencies.
The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation of this chapter:
The Town Supervisor or his/her duly designated alternate.
Includes but is not limited to actual or threatened enemy attack, sabotage, extraordinary fire, flood, storm, epidemic, or other impending or actual emergency or calamity threatening to endanger the health, life or property or constituted government of the people of the Town of Stillwater.
In its broad meaning is to carry out the basic government functions of maintaining the public peace, health and safety during an attack or disaster. This shall include plans and preparations for the protection, relief, recovery and rehabilitation from the effects of a natural disaster and or attack on the Town of Stillwater.
The employees, equipment, and facilities of the Town/Village departments, boards, institutions, and commissions; and in addition it shall include all volunteer personnel, equipment, and facilities contributed by or obtained from volunteer persons or agencies.
Any person duly registered, identified and appointed by the Director of the Emergency Management Team and assigned to participate in the emergency management activity.
Those persons charged with the implementation and discharge of the Town of Stillwater's Emergency Management Plan. These persons shall be appointed as prescribed by law.
Include plans, programs, and other emergency procedures deemed essential to emergency management.
Contributing a service, equipment, or facilities or use thereof, to the civil defense organization without remuneration and appointed by the General Coordinator.
The Town Supervisor is hereby authorized and directed to create an organization for emergency management utilizing to the fullest extent the existing agencies within the Town/Village of Stillwater, and to coordinate Town emergency management activities with other cities, towns, county, state, and federal programs. The Town Supervisor, as the executive head of municipal government, shall be the Director of emergency management forces of the Town and shall be responsible for their organization, administration and operations.
The organization shall consist of the following:
An Emergency Management Team within the Executive Department of Town Government and under the direction of the Town Supervisor. There shall be an executive head of the Emergency Management Team who shall be known as the General Coordinator of the Emergency Management Team. There shall also be four Deputy Coordinators of emergency management, and such assistants as are deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the organization.
The employees, equipment, and facilities of Town/Village departments, boards, institutions, and commissions will participate in the emergency management activities. Duties assigned to a Town department shall be the same or similar to the normal duties of the department.
Volunteer persons and/or agencies offering service to and accepted by the Town.
The Emergency Management Director (Town Supervisor) shall appoint the General Coordinator and four Deputy Coordinators who shall comprise the Stillwater Emergency Management Team (SEMT). They shall be persons well-versed and -trained in planning operations involving the activities of many different agencies which will operate to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of the Town of Stillwater from enemy action or natural disaster as defined in this chapter.
The General Coordinator of the Emergency Management Team shall be required to recommend suitable Deputy Coordinators to the Town Supervisor in the event of any vacancies. The Deputy Coordinators shall assist the General Coordinator in the above-described activities and assume his/her duties during his/her absence, according to a prearranged chain of command.
The Town Supervisor's powers and duties are set forth in Article 3 of the Town Law of the State of New York, the New York State Constitution, and any local laws that may pertain. Reference is made to the foregoing statutes for the enumeration of such powers and duties.
The General Coordinator of the Emergency Management Team shall be responsible to the Director in regard to all phases of the emergency management plan. Under the supervision of the Director he/she shall be responsible for the planning coordination and be responsible for maintaining liaison with other city, town, county, state and federal authorities to insure the most effective operation of the Emergency Management Plan. At the scene of any emergency within the Town of Stillwater the General Coordinator's duties shall include, but not be limited to the following:
Coordinating the recruitment of volunteer personnel and agencies to augment the personnel and facilities of the Town for emergency management purposes.
Development and coordination of plans for the immediate use of all facilities, equipment, manpower and other resources of the Town for the purposes of minimizing or preventing damage to persons and property; and protecting and restoring to usefulness governmental services and public utilities necessary for public health, safety and welfare.
Through public informational programs, educating the civilian populations as to actions necessary and required for the protection of their persons and property in the case of disaster, as defined herein, either pending or present.
Conducting public practice alerts to insure efficient operation of emergency management forces and to familiarize residents with emergency management regulations, procedures and operations.
Assisting in coordinating the activities of public and private agencies engaged in emergency management activities.
Assuming such authority and conducting such activities as the Town supervisor may direct to promote and execute the Emergency Management Plan.
The Deputy Coordinators of the Emergency Management Team shall assume the role of General Coordinator in his/her absence according to a prearranged chain of command.
The Deputy Coordinators shall assist the General Coordinator and Director in any and all duties outlined in Subsection B(1) through (6), inclusive.
In the absence of the Town Supervisor (or Mayor within Village limits) or Deputy Town Supervisor (Deputy Mayor), the General Coordinator shall assess the situation, define the perimeters of the event, establish a command post, declare a level of response, and establish a perimeter, in consultation with the Incident Commander and Deputy Coordinators.
It shall be unlawful for any person to violate any of the provisions of this chapter or rules, regulations or plans issued pursuant to the authority contained herein, or to willfully obstruct, hinder, or delay any member of the Emergency Management Team as herein defined in the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter or any other rules, regulations or plans issued thereunder.
Any person who shall violate, or cause to be violated, or assist in the violation of any provisions of this chapter shall be subject to conviction of an offense by a proper court and be subject to a fine of not more than $50 or imprisonment for not more than 10 days, or both, for each and every violation.