Town of West Hartford, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted 11-3-1970; amended in its entirety 11-5-1996. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Ca Charter and Spec Acts Disp Tabl
CHAPTER I Incorporation and General Powers

Section 1 Incorporation

Section 2 Rights and obligations

Section 3 General grant of powers

CHAPTER II Elections

Section 1 General

Section 2 Elective officers.

Section 3 Independent candidates for board of education

Section 4 Terms of elective officers

Section 5 Minority representation

Section 6 Voting districts

Section 7 Vacancies

Section 8 Eligibility

Section 9 Duties of the town clerk

CHAPTER III The Town Council

Section 1 General

Section 2 Procedure

Section 3 Powers and duties

Section 4 Ordinances, when required

Section 5 Form of ordinance and effective date

Section 6 Procedure for passage of ordinances

Section 7 Emergency ordinances

Section 8 State of emergency

Section 9 Record, publication and codification of ordinances

Section 10 Relations to administrative service

Section 11 Annual audit

CHAPTER IV Officers, Boards and Commissions Appointed by the Council

Section 1 Corporation counsel

Section 2 Board of assessment appeals

Section 3 Library board.

Section 4 Personnel board

Section 5 (Reserved)

Section 6 Board of assessors.

Section 7 Board of special assessments

Section 8 (Reserved)

Section 9 Constables.

Section 10 Town plan and zoning commission, appointment

Section 11 Zoning board of appeals

CHAPTER V The Town Manager

Section 1 Appointment and removal

Section 2 Duties

Section 3 Appointments

Section 4 Absence of town manager

CHAPTER VI Offices and Departments

Section 1 Administrative departments

Section 2 Department of financial services.

CHAPTER VII Finance and Taxation

Section 1 General form of budget presentation

Section 2 Departmental estimates

Section 3 Duties of the manager on the budget.

Section 4 Duties of the council on the budget

Section 5 Emergency appropriations

Section 6 Assessment and collection of taxes

Section 7 Expenditures and accounting

Section 8 Borrowing

Section 9 Contributions

Section 10 Fiscal year

Section 11 Referendum on the budget

CHAPTER VIII Merit System and Classified Service

Section 1 General

Section 2 The classified service

Section 3 Retirement of municipal employees

CHAPTER IX Special Assessments and Condemnation

Section 1 Power of condemnation and special assessment

Section 2 Payment of assessments

Section 3 Limitation on assessment

Section 4 Appeals

Section 5 Collection and enforcement of assessments

Section 6 Effect of insufficient or excessive assessment

CHAPTER X Board of Education

Section 1 Powers and duties

CHAPTER XI Initiative and Referendum

Section 1 Initiative, power and scope

Section 2 Initiative, petition procedure

Section 3 Initiative, vote required, not subject to council action

Section 4 Referendum, power and scope

Section 5 Referendum, petition procedures, suspension of ordinance

Section 6 Referendum, vote required, effect

Section 7 Initiative and referendum

Section 8 Form of question

Section 9 Determination of sufficiency of petitions


Section 1 Zoning authority

Section 2 Disqualification of members of council when acting as zoning authority and disclosure of interest by applicants

Section 3 Regulations

Section 4 Enforcement of regulations: Public hearings; changes

Section 5 Zoning ordinance procedure

Section 6 Procedure when regulations are violated

Section 7 Appeals from council zoning actions

Section 8 Regulations and boundaries adopted prior to effective date of this charter

Section 9 Zoning board of appeals

Section 10 Powers and duties of zoning board of appeals

Section 11 Appeals to board

Section 12 Appeals from board to court


Section 1 Planning commission

Section 2 Commission established

Section 3 Disqualification of members in matters before planning authority

Section 4 Planning authority

Section 5 Plan of development

Section 6 Municipal improvements

Section 7 Filing of maps and plans; notice of hearing; assessments

Section 8 Appeals from actions of the commission

Section 9 Subdivision of land

Section 10 Approval of subdivision plan

Section 11 Appeals

Section 12 Building on unaccepted streets or unapproved subdivision

CHAPTER XIV General Provisions

Section 1 Personal interest

Section 2 Restrictions concerning dual salaries

Section 3 Term limitation on boards

Section 4 Minority representation on boards and commissions

Section 5 Dual appointment and service on boards and commissions prohibited

Section 6 Removal from office of appointive officials and board and commission members

Section 7 Terms of board and commission members

Section 8 Investigation of public officers

CHAPTER XV Succession in Government

Section 1 Present ordinances, rules and special acts

Section 2 Board and commission members to serve term for which appointed

Section 3 Elective officers to continue in office

Section 4 Legal proceedings

Section 5 Amendment of charter

Section 6 Saving clause

Section 7 Effective date