City of Fenton, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2006 §235.010; Ord. No. 527 §1, 10-20-1980; Ord. No. 1975 §1, 7-15-1996]
The following words, whenever used in this Chapter, shall be construed as defined in this Section:
The Park, Beautification and Recreation Committee of the City of Fenton, also known as the "Park Board".
The City of Fenton.
A park, reservation, playground, recreation center or any other area of the City, owned or used by the City, and devoted to active or passive recreation.
A permit for exclusive use of parks or portion thereof, or buildings, or portion thereof, as provided for and defined in this Chapter.
Includes persons, associations, partnerships, firms and corporations, or any company or organization of any kind.
Any wheeled conveyance whether motor-powered, animal-drawn or self-propelled. The term shall include any trailer in tow of any size, kind or description. Exception is made for baby carriages and vehicles of the City.
[R.O. 2006 §235.020; Ord. No. 527 §2, 10-20-1980, Ord. No. 685 §1, 1-16-1984; Ord. No. 1975 §2, 7-15-1996]
No person in a City park shall:
Willfully mark, deface, disfigure, injure, tamper with or displace or remove, any buildings, bridges, tables, benches, fireplaces, railings, paving or paving materials, water lines or other public utilities or parts or appurtenances thereof, signs, notices or placards whether temporary or permanent, monuments, stakes, posts, or other boundary markers, or other structures or equipment, facilities, or park property or appurtenances whatsoever, either real or personal.
Dig, or remove any soil, rocks, stones, trees, shrubs, or plants, down timber or other wood or materials, or make any excavation by tool, equipment, blasting, or other means or agency, except in designated areas.
Construct or erect any building or structure of whatever kind, whether permanent or temporary in character, or run or string any public service utility into, or upon or across such lands, except on special written permit.
Damage, cut, carve, transplant, or remove any trees or plants or injure the bark, pick flowers or seeds, of any tree or plant; or attach any rope, wire, or other contrivance to any tree or plant; or dig in or otherwise disturb grassy areas, nor in any way injure or impair the natural beauty or usefulness of any area.
Hunt, molest, harm, trap, kill, shoot at any animal, reptile or bird; or remove the eggs or nest or young of any bird.
Give or offer to give any animal or bird any noxious substance.
Use, possess, or bring in to any City park any glass bottle or container.
[R.O. 2006 §235.035; Ord. No. 2262 §1, 7-27-1999]
No person shall fish in any City Park Lake without having first obtained a fishing permit from the State of Missouri Conservation Department, if they have reached the age of sixteen (16) or have not reached the age of sixty-five (65). The permit must be in his or her possession while fishing. No person shall keep in his or her possession or about his or her person more than six (6) fish total of any variety per day. The following size and limit restrictions apply:
One (1) bass per day (eighteen (18) inch minimum length),
Three (3) catfish per day.
No person shall violate any size requirement, rule or restriction as listed by the Missouri State Conservation Department. This Section applies to each lake unless otherwise posted.
[R.O. 2006 §235.040; Ord. No. 527 §4, 10-20-1980]
No person in a park shall ride or drive a vehicle at a rate of speed exceeding fifteen miles per hour (15 m.p.h.) nor shall they at any time drive any vehicle on any area except the paved park roads, or parking areas, or other such areas as may on occasion be designated as temporary parking areas by the Board; or park a vehicle in other than established or designated parking areas. Exception: Park personnel in performance of their duties.
[R.O. 2006 §235.050; Ord. No. 527 §7, 10-20-1980]
No person in a park may park or cause to be parked any vehicle on grassy areas except by special permit issued by the Board. Vehicles must be parked in areas designated for such use. Exception: City vehicles as required in course of work or as excepted.
[R.O. 2006 §235.060; Ord. No. 527 §8, 10-20-1980]
No trucks or buses exceeding an unloaded weight of eight thousand (8,000) pounds may enter any City park unless specific permission in writing is obtained from the Board. This does not include vehicles delivering to or coming from the parks, or vehicles engaged in work for the City.
[R.O. 2006 §235.070; Ord. No. 527 §5, 10-20-1980]
No person in any park shall swim, dive, or wade in any lake, pond, or stream within any park; except places that are provided therefor.
[R.O. 2006 §235.080; Ord. No. 527 §9, 10-20-1980]
Fires may be built in receptacles and facilities intended therefore, unless permission is secured in writing from the Board; patrons may use their own portable "bar-b-que" braziers in areas designated by the Board and so posted. No person who has built any such fire shall leave the area where the fire was built without first extinguishing the fire. No person shall drop, throw, or scatter lighted matches, burning cigarettes or cigars, tobacco, papers, or other flammable material within any park area. Fires may be prohibited entirely by the posting of special notices.
[R.O. 2006 §235.090; Ord. No. 527 §10, 10-20-1980]
Camping is prohibited in all City parks, except by written permission from the Board.
[R.O. 2006 §235.100; Ord. No. 527 §11, 10-20-1980]
Domestic animals are allowed in City parks only if the following conditions are met:
No leash on which a dog or cat is tethered may be longer than six (6) feet in length, and held by a competent person.
No person shall permit a domestic animal to run loose.
No vicious animal of any kind shall be brought into the park at any time even though restrained as described above.
No animal shall be tethered to any bush, tree, shrub or to any park structure. Neither shall any person run any animal behind any motor vehicle or bicycle or any other vehicle, whether on a leash or not.
[R.O. 2006 §235.105; Ord. No. 2593 §1, 8-18-2003; Ord. No. 2783 §1, 2-22-2006]
It shall be unlawful for any person, while in or about any City park, to ride a horse or pony or allow to run at large a horse, pony or other similar animal with the exception of pony rides for City sponsored events and other special events as approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation or by his/her designee. Requirements shall be dictated by City policy.
[R.O. 2006 §235.110; Ord. No. 527 §12, 10-20-1980]
No person in a City park shall:
Throw, discharge, or otherwise place or cause to be placed in the waters of any fountain, pond, lake, stream, storm sewer, or drain flowing into such waters, any substance, matter or thing, liquid or solid, which will or may result in pollution of such waters.
Litter, or cause to be littered any of the grounds, driveways, buildings or other structures of the parks, by scattering, dumping or leaving, paper, garbage, cans, broken glass, bottles, ashes, rubbish, waste, or other trash. All such rubbish or waste shall be carried away from the park by the person responsible for its presence and properly disposed of elsewhere.
Use park trash receptacles for deposit of garbage or other rubbish brought from their place of residence or work.
[R.O. 2006 §235.120; Ord. No. 527 §13, 10-20-1980]
No person shall solicit alms or contributions for any purpose whatsoever, whether public or private within any of the parks, except by written permission of the Board, when such solicitations are of direct benefit to the City parks and recreational programs.
[R.O. 2006 §235.130; Ord. No. 527 §14, 10-20-1980]
No person shall operate any motor-driven model airplane, car or toy in a park not designated for such use.
[R.O. 2006 §235.140; Ord. No. 527 §15, 10-20-1980]
No person shall play or practice golf in any area of a park not designated for such use.
[R.O. 2006 §235.150; Ord. No. 527 §16, 10-20-1980; Ord. No. 3355 §1, 9-26-2013]
No person in a park shall:
Operate a skateboard or ride a bicycle on other than a paved road or path designated for that purpose, except a bicyclist may wheel or push a bicycle by hand over any grassy area or wooded trail or on any paved area reserved for pedestrian use.
Leave a bicycle in a place other than a bicycle rack when such is provided.
Fail to comply with all local and State regulations regarding bicycle safety.
Operate a skateboard or bicycle in any City park after dark or before 6:00 A.M. the following day.
[R.O. 2006 §235.160; Ord. No. 527 §17, 10-20-1980; Ord. No. 1975 §3, 7-15-1996; Ord. No. 2016 §1, 1-22-1997]
No person in a public park shall:
No drugs of any kind or description will be tolerated in any City park at any time; exception is made for prescription drugs easily identified as such.
No minor shall possess or consume any intoxicating beverages of any kind or description including beer otherwise known as three and two-tenths percent (3.2%).
Be allowed to possess alcoholic beverages during league or tournament play within five hundred (500) feet of Diamonds 1, 2 or 3 near the concession stand in Fenton City Park, unless beverages have been purchased at the park concession stand.
[R.O. 2006 §235.170; Ord. No. 527 §18, 10-20-1980; Ord. No. 2498 §1, 8-19-2002; Ord. No. 3818, 6-28-2018]
Permits for use of specific areas in a City park must be obtained by submitting an application in writing at least fourteen (14) days in advance of such use. These areas include softball fields 1 — 7 and soccer fields 1 — 8. All groups, associations, or assemblies comprised of fifty (50) or more persons must obtain a certification of liability insurance naming the "City of Fenton" as an additional insured in an amount no less than the individual and combined sovereign immunity limits established by Section 537.610, RSMo., for political subdivisions. Nothing in this requirement or the insurance shall be deemed a waiver of the City's sovereign immunity. Upon a written request, the Board may waive or modify these insurance requirements upon good cause shown. The City of Fenton has the right to refuse field usage at any time to any person, based on field conditions and weekly scheduled field work, without a permit.
[R.O. 2006 §235.180; Ord. No. 527 §19, 10-20-1980]
No ordinance pertaining to the parks or recreational activities of the City shall be considered by the Board of Aldermen without first referring the same to the Park Board and after receiving its recommendations with reference thereto; but if no recommendation is received within a period of thirty (30) days after the matter is referred to the Board, then the Board of Aldermen may take action without such recommendation.
[R.O. 2006 §235.190; Ord. No. 527 §20, 10-20-1980; Ord. No. 1975 §4, 7-15-1996; Ord. No. 3356 §1, 9-26-2013]
Fenton City Park will open at 6:00 A.M. and close at 11:00 P.M. daily.
Employees operating the concession stand in Fenton City Park shall be allowed to remain in the park until 12:30 A.M.
All other City-owned parks will be open from 8:00 A.M. to dusk daily.
The Olde Towne Pavilion will operate from 8:00 A.M. to dusk or until 11:00 P.M. by approved permit daily.
[R.O. 2006 §235.210; Ord. No. 527 §22, 10-20-1980]
The provisions of this Chapter shall not be applicable to City park employees while actually engaged in their official duties, nor shall the provisions of this Chapter apply to Board members or City Officials while attending to City business.
[R.O. 2006 §235.220; Ord. No. 527 §23, 10-20-1980]
When, in the opinion of the Board, special rules and regulations are needed to properly develop, construct, maintain, and operate any particular work, special rules may be adopted by the Board, and shall be effective when posted within said park areas. Such rules and regulations to be confirmed at the next Board of Aldermen meeting.
[R.O. 2006 §235.230; Ord. No. 563 §1, 1-18-1982]
The overall responsibility of the operation of any and all concession stands within the City parks shall be part of the duties of the Park Director. The Park Director is hereby authorized to hire appropriate staff and to do all things necessary to reasonably and appropriately operate concession stands within the City subject to the following:
Operation plan. Before any concession stand or stands shall be set up and operated by the City of Fenton, Missouri, the Park Director shall develop a plan of operations that shall include a listing of needed personnel and an organization of their responsibilities, an operational budget and such other things as are necessary to open said concession stand or stands including a listing and accounting of equipment needed. Before the plan may be instituted it shall be approved by the Board of Aldermen, except that day-to-day operations within the confines of budgeted amounts shall be under the authority of the Park Director and City Clerk. Any personnel needed shall be hired only with the approval of the Personnel Committee of the Board of Aldermen.
Inclusion in budget. There shall be established in the budget of the City of Fenton, Missouri, a special account for the operation of the concession stand or stands which shall contain funds to provide for the purchase of capital, for salaries and the provisions of other operational funds in conformance with the plan of operations submitted and approved as above set out.
Cash flow to general fund. All monies so received in excess of the operational funds necessary as set out in said plan shall be submitted to the Park Director who shall place the bookkeeping entries so as to credit said to the concession stand. Then at the end of each season in which any concession stand shall be open, a report shall be submitted by the Park Director to the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen establishing and setting out the profit and/or loss, cash flow and expenditures as well as revenue of the concession stand.
[R.O. 2006 §235.245; Ord. No. 2752 §1, 8-31-2005]
Definitions. As used in this Section, the following terms shall have these prescribed meanings:
The sculpture at the center of the Heroes Memorial consisting of a granite globe.
The memorial located in Fenton City Park designated as a memorial to the heroes and victims of September 11, 2001, and to other heroes that have served our community, State and nation.
Includes the following:
Riding or operating any wheeled vehicle or device, including skateboards, scooters, bikes, roller skates or rollerblades, within a fifty (50) foot radius from the centerpiece of the Heroes Memorial, but in no event shall the riding or operation of any wheelchair or other wheeled vehicle necessary to assist the physically handicapped be deemed a prohibited activity;
Walking any pet or domestic animal within a fifty (50) foot radius from the centerpiece of the Heroes Memorial or allowing any pet or domestic animal to enter the area within a fifty (50) foot radius from the centerpiece of the Heroes Memorial, but in no event shall the use of a guide dog necessary to assist the physically handicapped be deemed a prohibited activity; or
Damaging or defacing the Heroes Memorial.
No Prohibited Activities Allowed Within A Fifty Foot Radius Of Centerpiece Of Heroes Memorial. It shall be unlawful for any person to commit a prohibited activity within a fifty (50) foot radius of the centerpiece of the Heroes Memorial.