City of Edmundson, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 2001 §115.100; Ord. No. 731 §14.14, 7-9-1981; Ord. No. 891 §1(F), 1-12-1989]
The Chief of Police and his/her staff shall at all times have power to make and order arrests, with proper process, for any offenses against the laws of the State or the City, by day or by night, and bring the offender to trial before the proper court, and shall have the power to arrest in all cases where such offense shall be committed or attempted to be committed in their presence and/or as prescribed by ordinances of the City of Edmundson or the Statutes of the State of Missouri.
The Police of the City, in the performance of their police duties, shall be subject to the orders of the Chief of Police and to the orders of the Chief of Police from his/her Lieutenant and his/her Sergeants.
It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to serve such warrants as may be lawfully issued by the judge of the court and directed to him/her as such Chief of Police for violation of any ordinance, which may be served any place in St. Louis County and not elsewhere. Such warrants shall be directed to the Sheriff, Constable, or the St. Louis County Police Department or to the Sheriff or any Constable of any other County in the State of Missouri and the City of St. Louis, if he/she so elect.
In the incurring of any and all expenses to operate the Police Department, the Chief of Police shall confer with the Mayor of the Board of Aldermen who shall place same before the Board of Aldermen for approval, and no purchase shall be made without a requisition therefor in accordance with the City ordinances, regulations for purchase of materials and supplies; provided however, the Board of Aldermen may approve and ratify a purchase made by the Chief of Police subsequent to such purchase, but unless the Board of Aldermen shall so ratify such purchase, the City shall in no way be liable for the payment thereof and any person, firm, company or corporation so selling materials, supplies, merchandise or services to said Chief of Police shall do so at his/her peril unless the Chief of Police shall produce proper papers to indicate to the seller that the Board of Aldermen has approved the said purchase.
The Chief of Police, before performing any of the duties herein provided, shall give bond to the City of Edmundson in the amount agreed upon and in the manner approved by the Board, the cost of which, if any, to be paid to the City.
The Board of Aldermen may from time to time, should it be deemed necessary, appoint special Police for such times and upon such conditions as it may by motion or resolution provide.
The Chief of Police shall also serve as the Collector. Said person shall inspect and verify that all applicable licenses and permits have been affixed to all personal property, shall enforce reimbursement to injured parties for all checks returned for any reason as allowed by law, shall convey all receipts to the City Clerk upon collection and obtain acknowledgment of same, shall report monthly to the Board of Aldermen for approval or disapproval of all license and permit applications, and shall perform all those activities as specified under the Statutes of Missouri for Marshal/Collectors not mentioned specifically herein.