City of Seymour, MO
Webster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1999 §140.010; Ord. No. 331 §160.510, 3-13-1980]
The City Administrator of the City of Seymour, Missouri, shall have the duty and responsibility of supervising and controlling the City cemetery and all additions thereto subject to the rules and regulations set forth in this Chapter and any and all other ordinances hereinafter passed by the Board of Aldermen of the City of Seymour, Missouri. The City Administrator shall have direct charge of the cemetery grounds and is hereby authorized and empowered to care for and protect the cemetery grounds and their appurtenances, to enforce the rules and regulations properly made for the governing of said cemetery, to attend to repairs and construction of improvements and maintenance of all permanent improvements and embellishments of any kind which tend to beautify said cemetery or preserve it permanently as a place of burial for the human dead, to maintain order in said cemetery, to supervise and oversee all workmen, visitors and drivers, to expel those who disregard his/her orders, to inspect all materials sought to be taken into said cemetery and to refuse entrance thereto when necessary and to require the prompt removal of all trash and building material as soon as the buildings or work for which material is used are completed. In addition, the City Administrator shall possess such further authority and power as may at any time hereinafter be conferred upon him/her by ordinance.
[Code 1999 §140.020; Ord. No. 331 §160.511, 3-13-1980; Ord. No. 331A §1, 3-28-1996; Ord. No. 725, 3-10-2016]
The City Administrator is hereby authorized to sell lots in the Seymour Municipal Cemetery at a price of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per cemetery lot which consists of five (5) graves or two hundred dollars ($200.00) per grave space. The City of Seymour, Missouri, specifically retains, on all lots or parts of lots in said cemetery, whether sold under the provisions hereinbefore set forth, or not, the right of first refusal should the purchaser of any lot or part of a lot determine to sell said lot or part of a lot. Should the owner of any lot or part of a lot in the City cemetery wish to sell said lot or part of a lot, said owner must first give the City thirty (30) days' written notice of said owner's intention to sell said lot or part of a lot, during which thirty (30) day period said lot or part of a lot may be repurchased by the City of Seymour at the price paid by said owner when said lot or part of a lot was purchased. Should the City of Seymour, Missouri, determine not to repurchase any lots or parts of lots so offered, the City shall execute to the owner thereof a written waiver and refusal to repurchase. No cemetery lot or part of a lot shall be purchased from any party other than the City of Seymour, Missouri, without the purchaser receiving a valid written waiver and refusal to repurchase in advance of the sale.
Grave opening fees are:
Weekdays to 2:30 P.M.
Saturdays and when arriving at graveside after 2:30 P.M.
Sundays and Holidays
The above schedule of grave costs in Subsection (A) and grave opening fees in Subsection (B) are effective as of April 1, 2016.
[Code 1999 §140.030; Ord. No. 331 §160.520, 3-13-1980]
The Municipal Cemetery of the City of Seymour, Missouri, shall be governed by the following rules and regulations, to wit:
All lots or parts of lots in the City cemetery and all additions thereto shall be held and used in accordance with such rules and regulations as may by ordinance be provided, whether now in force or hereinafter enacted, and all owners of lots and parts of lots and their heirs shall be under and subject to the provisions of said rules and regulations, or ordinances of the City of Seymour, and the Constitution and laws of the State of Missouri.
No lot, or part of lot, shall be used for any purpose other than the burial of the human dead with all graves running in a direction to be determined by the City Administrator and with the head of all graves running in the same direction.
No transfer or assignment of any lot or any part thereof, or any interest therein, by any lot owner shall be valid without the owner complying with Section 140.020 of this Chapter and without the written consent of the Mayor and City Clerk first obtained and endorsed upon the instrument evidencing such transfer or assignment and such assignment of transfer entered on the cemetery record in the office of the City Clerk.
No fencing, railing, curbing, or material of whatsoever kind or nature shall be placed on any lot, or part of lot, for the purpose of defining the boundaries thereof or for any other purpose and no seat, vase, wirework, rockwork, or other architectural object of any kind or nature shall be allowed on or about any lot, or part of lot, except as expressly provided in writing in supplemental rules and regulations enacted by the City Administrator and posted at the City Hall and also posted at the cemetery.
No trees, shrubs, plants, vines or flowers of any kind shall be placed upon any lot or grave; except, however, that the placing of cut flowers on graves shall be permitted.
Mounds over graves shall not be permitted or allowed but all graves shall be level with the established grade.
No lot shall be filled above the established grade.
The right is reserved in the sale of any lot, or part of lot, to remove therefrom anything which in the opinion of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Seymour, Missouri, conflicts with these rules and regulations.
One (1) marker and monument or tombstone shall be permitted for each grave and if one (1) marker and/or monument is used to mark or designate more than one (1) grave, it shall be centered so as to add to the beauty and conform to the general plan for said cemetery. All markers or monuments shall be installed under the general supervision of the City Administrator and shall be set only with the permission of the City Administrator.
All markers, monuments or tombstones shall be set on concrete foundations on bases which shall extend at least eighteen (18) inches below the surface of the ground and shall not extend above the surface of the ground. Such foundations or bases shall be at least four (4) inches wider on all sides than the monument, tombstone or marker which is to be placed on said foundation or base.
The digging of all graves shall be done by the City Administrator, or under his/her direct supervision and with his/her previously obtained consent. Prices to be charged by the City Administrator for the opening of graves, or for the doing of any other work in connection therewith, shall be set from time to time by the Board of Aldermen of the City of Seymour, Missouri.
All interments and funeral processions shall be kept upon the established driveways and all persons present during any funeral shall conduct themselves properly and in accordance with all rules and regulations made for the governing of said cemetery.
No chat, gravel or sand shall be used to fill or cover any lot in the cemetery except under the direction and control of the City Administrator.
The Board of Aldermen may from time to time make any further or additional rules and regulations for the management, improvement, regulation, protection and government of the City cemetery and additions thereto which are not inconsistent with any ordinance of the City of Seymour, Missouri, and all rules and regulations so made by said Board of Aldermen shall have the same force and effect as though passed by ordinance.
All lots or parts of lots must be paid for in advance of their use, or a valid contract entered into for their purchase, and satisfactory arrangement must be made with the Superintendent for the payment of all other charges before use of lots or parts of lots.
Visitors are welcome in the cemetery at all reasonable times, but everyone is reminded that the cemetery grounds are sacred and that a strict observance of proper decorum will be required of all.
[Code 1999 §140.040; Ord. No. 331 §160.525, 3-13-1980]
Any person, firm, corporation, or association who shall violate any of the rules or regulations of either the Board of Aldermen or the City Administrator, which may now or hereafter be in force, shall be guilty of an ordinance violation and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00), or imprisoned by a period not exceeding three (3) months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
[Code 1999 §140.050; Ord. No. 331 §160.530, 3-13-1980]
The foregoing rules and regulations shall be caused to be published and delivered to the purchaser of each lot or part of lot in the Municipal Cemetery.