City of Pasadena Hills, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2009 §366.010; Ord. No. 586 §1, 12-14-1999]
Parking Prohibited During Emergencies. Whenever the Street Commissioner, or if he/she is unavailable within the City the Chief of Police or his/her designee, finds on the basis of falling snow, sleet or freezing rain or on the basis of a forecast by any meteorologist or weather service that weather conditions will make it necessary that motor vehicle traffic be expedited and that parking on City streets be prohibited or restricted for snow plowing, salting and/or other purposes, the Street Commissioner or Chief of Police or his/her designee, as the case may be, shall put into effect the following parking prohibitions and/or others on the City streets as may be necessary:
No parking on either side of street:
Canterbury, from Roland to Winchester
Country Club
Marlboro Court
Nadine Court
North Bristol
Roland Boulevard
South Winchester
No parking on east side of street: Canterbury between Pasadena Boulevard and Roland.
Automatic Prohibitions. The parking prohibitions shall automatically go into effect without the determination prescribed in Subsection (A) hereof, when there has been an accumulation of snow of two (2) inches or more or there is a general condition of freezing rain causing a general icing condition on the City streets.
Prediction Of Snow. Regardless of whether a parking prohibition has been declared pursuant to Subsection (A) hereof, or whether such a parking prohibition has been automatically initiated pursuant to Subsection (B) hereof, if between November fifteenth (15th) of each year and March fifteenth (15th) of the following year there is a prediction that two (2) inches or more of snow is reasonably likely to accumulate in St. Louis County between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. the following morning, it shall be unlawful to park any motor vehicle on the streets as designated in Subsection (A) hereof between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. the following morning.
Automatic Expiration. Any prohibition going into effect pursuant to Subsections (AC) hereof shall automatically expire for each street so affected when the same has become substantially clear of snow and ice from curb to curb for the length of the block or by order of the Street Commissioner or Chief of Police or his/her designee.
Parking Prohibited. While the prohibition is in effect, no person shall park or allow to remain to be parked any vehicle on the streets as provided in Subsection (A) hereof.