City of Weldon Spring, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 205.010 Animal Control.

Section 205.020 Definitions.

Section 205.030 Application.

Section 205.040 Intergovernmental Cooperation.

Article II Prohibited Conduct

Section 205.050 Animals to Be Under Control When Off Owner's Premises.

Section 205.060 Cruelty to Animals.

Section 205.070 Failure to Register/Vaccinate.

Section 205.080 Habitual Barking, Yelping or Howling by Animals.

Section 205.090 Harboring Dangerous Dogs.

Section 205.100 Prohibition on Animal Fight Training.

Section 205.110 Failure to Dispose of Dead Animals.

Section 205.120 Keeping Exotic Animals.

Section 205.130 Interfering With Officer.

Section 205.140 Disposal of Fecal Matter.

Section 205.145 Regulation of Dogs and Other Animals Within City Park.

Article III Registration and Impounding

Section 205.150 Registration, Vaccination.

Section 205.160 Animals Impounded — When — Where Kept.

Section 205.170 Impounding of Animals Suspected of or Exposed to Rabies.

Section 205.180 Procedure Following Animal Bite.

Section 205.190 Animal Identification.

Section 205.200 Procedures and Requirements for Declaring Dogs, Cats or Ferrets to Be Dangerous and for Handling Such Dogs, Cats or Ferrets After Bite Incidents.

Section 205.210 Control and Euthanasia of Dangerous Dogs or Ferrets.

Section 205.220 County Shelter Rates.

Article IV Registration for Boarding or Breeding Kennels, Pet Shops, Dealers and Grooming Shops or Parlors

Section 205.230 Registration Required.

Section 205.240 Registration — Information Required.

Section 205.250 Boarding and Breeding Kennels, Pet Shops, Grooming Shops and Dealerships — Inspection.

Section 205.260 Conditions — General.

Section 205.270 Facilities.

Section 205.280 Conditions — Grooming Parlors.

Article V Additional Services Provided by the Division of Humane Services

Section 205.290 Additional Services Provided.

Section 205.300 Recovery of Costs for Services Authorized.

Section 205.310 Animals Apprehended Running at Large — Mandatory Vaccination.

Article VI Fees, Penalties and Enforcement

Section 205.320 Fees.