City of Fredericktown, MO
Madison County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Requirements

Section 409.010 Definitions.

Section 409.020 Applicability.

Section 409.030 Application — Review Fee.

Section 409.040 Application — Information Required.

Section 409.050 Association Of Owners.

Section 409.060 Condominium Conversion Restrictions Not Applicable.

Section 409.070 Violations And Penalties.

Article II Responsible Parties

Section 409.080 Responsibility For Compliance.

Section 409.090 Payment Of Service Fees.

Section 409.100 Regulations Applied To Common Uses.

Section 409.110 Violations And Penalties.

Article III New Condominiums

Section 409.120 Approval Required.

Section 409.130 New Residential Condominiums.

Section 409.140 Purpose.

Section 409.150 Approval Requirements.

Section 409.160 Environmental Preservation.

Section 409.170 Landscaping.

Section 409.180 Lighting.

Section 409.190 Lot Coverage.

Section 409.200 Open Space — Common.

Section 409.210 Open Space — Private.

Section 409.220 Parking.

Section 409.230 Trash Collection Areas.

Section 409.240 Street Improvements.

Section 409.250 Declarations Of Project Elements And Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions.

Section 409.260 Condominiums For Offices.

Section 409.270 Condominiums For Retail Establishments Or Other Purposes.

Section 409.280 Exceptions For Unusual Circumstances.

Section 409.290 Violation — Nuisance — Injunction.

Article IV Condominium Conversions

Section 409.300 Purposes.

Section 409.310 Scope And Effect.

Section 409.320 Application.

Section 409.330 Inspections.

Section 409.340 Other Requirements.

Section 409.350 Tenants' Rights.

Section 409.360 Minimum Standards For Conversion.

Section 409.370 Declaration Of Project Elements And Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions.