Township of Maplewood, NJ
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Board will be staggered with voting members appointed by the Township Committee to Class A, Class B, or Class C seats. For the inaugural Board, the voting members will be divided by last name to Class A (expiring December 31, 2019), Class B (expiring December 31, 2020), and Class C (expiring December 31, 2021). Starting in 2019, upon the expiration of a term, the voting members for each class going forward will be appointed to a three-year term. A voting member may serve for a maximum of two full terms before rotating off the Board for at least one year; provided, however, that Class A and Class B voting members from the inaugural Board may complete two full terms in addition to the partial term before being subject to the term limit.
The Board will meet monthly. Minutes will be taken and a copy supplied to the Township Clerk as the work of the Board demands. The Board may schedule special meetings. Notice of all meetings must comply with the Open Public Meetings Act.[1] Meetings open to the public will include on the agenda one public comment period where any person may comment on agenda items or other topics related to police and public safety. It is understood that the work of the Board requires a significant amount of time and that voting members should prepare for research and review time outside of scheduled meetings.
Editor's Note: See N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 et seq.
With proper notice as outlined in § 19-9, a meeting of the Board may proceed if a majority of the voting members are present. From time-to-time, due to a schedule conflict, Board members may be permitted to join by teleconference and may vote on any issues presented. Voting by proxy is not permitted.
A majority of the voting members present at a meeting (whether regular or special) may vote to enter executive or closed session. Ex officio members may only attend an executive session at the specific invitation of the majority of the voting Board members of the public, and media are not permitted to attend executive sessions. The Board will provide the Township Committee and public with a short summary of the executive session meeting.
At the initial meeting each year, a majority of the voting members of the Board shall select a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Recording Secretary. A Chair may not serve longer than two consecutive years without rotating from a leadership role for one year. The Chair is responsible for organizing, leading meetings, and connecting with nonvoting members for information. The Vice Chair shall serve as Chair in the Chair's absence. The Chair and Vice Chair must be at least 18 years of age. The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of each meeting.
Each member of the Board, within six months of appointment, shall participate in a police ride-along, meet with the Chief of Police and/or designee to understand the operations and data collection of the Maplewood Police Department, and commit to reading material in line with the purpose of the Board as articulated in Article II and the history, culture and concerns of the community. The appropriate authority, as defined by New Jersey Law, shall be responsible to insure that all members shall also receive additional education on laws governing public records and public meetings, confidentiality requirements, state and local laws that affect an officer's rights and privacy, case law on stops and detentions, search and seizure and the rights of an arrestee, as well as steps in the criminal justice process, including arrest, booking, arraignment, bail, hearings, and trial.
To ensure the purpose of the Board may be fulfilled, to protect the privacy of civilians, and to fully comply with Maplewood Police Department Policy, New Jersey Attorney General Directives, and obligations, strict confidentiality adherence to the confidentiality policy is required for all Board members. All Board members must sign a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement. Board members must take due care with materials provided in connection with meetings. Matters of the Board may not be discussed with the public.
The Board may request, in writing, documents and data from the Department. To the extent permitted by law and regulation, the Department will promptly provide the material requested. The Board shall insure that all material is maintained in a secure manner.
Board members are requested to give at least 60 days' notice of their decision to resign in order to give time to identify a replacement. During this time, the Board member who tendered a resignation notice should try in earnest to complete his/her obligation to the Board.
Upon the majority vote of the Board, the Township Committee will consider removal of a voting Board member. Grounds for removal includes but is not limited to absenteeism, incomplete work product, nonresidency, aggressive behavior, breach of Board policy, failure to adhere to the confidentiality policy, and failure to disclose conflicts of interest. All vacancies shall be filled promptly.
Pursuant to Maplewood Code Chapter 31, and absent a breach of the confidentiality agreement, all Board members will be defended and indemnified by Maplewood.