City of Camdenton, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Adopting Ordinance

AO Adopting Ordinance

Government Code

Chapter 100 General Provisions

Chapter 105 City Organization

Chapter 110 Board of Aldermen

Chapter 115 Personnel Code

Chapter 120 Procurement Policy

Chapter 122 Conflict of Interests and Disclosures

Chapter 125 Finances and Records

Chapter 130 (Reserved)

Chapter 135 Park and Recreation Board

Chapter 140 Airport Board

Chapter 145 Cemetery and Cemetery Board

Chapter 150 Economic Development Board

Chapter 154 Tax Increment Financing

Chapter 155 Elections and Voting Districts

Chapter 160 Municipal Court

Chapter 165 Municipal Taxation

Public Health Safety and Welfare

Chapter 200 Police Department

Chapter 205 Fire Department

Chapter 210 Provisions Applicable to All Animals

Chapter 211 Dogs

Chapter 212 Cats

Chapter 213 Miscellaneous Animal Provisions

Chapter 215 Nuisances

Chapter 220 Offenses

Chapter 222 Weapons

Chapter 223 Deer Control and Hunting Regulations

Chapter 225 Property Maintenance Code

Chapter 230 Litter

Chapter 235 Weeds

Chapter 240 Regulation of Explosives

Chapter 245 Curfew

Chapter 250 Garbage and Refuse

Chapter 255 Fair Housing

Chapter 260 Commercial Aeronautical Services and Activities


Title III Notes (Reserved)

Zoning Code

Chapter 400 Zoning Regulations

Chapter 405 Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 410 Non-Residential Architectural Review

Chapter 415 Floodplain Management

Building and Construction

Chapter 500 Building Code

Chapter 505 Fire Prevention Code

Chapter 510 House Numbers

Chapter 515 Demolition of Substandard Buildings

Chapter 520 Streets, Sidewalks and Public Property

Business and Occupation

Chapter 600 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 605 Business Licenses

Chapter 608 Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers

Chapter 609 Prohibited Activities

Chapter 610 Carnivals, Circuses, Concerts, Shows, Public Meetings and Exhibitions

Chapter 613 Adult Business and Adult Entertainment Business

Chapter 615 Massage Establishments

Chapter 616 Tattoo and Body-Piercing Studio Regulations

Chapter 620 Junk Yards

Chapter 625 Garage Sales

Chapter 630 Meat Processing

Chapter 635 Cable Television

Public Utilities

Chapter 700 Water and Sewer

Chapter 705 Cross-Connection Control

Chapter 710 Telephone License Tax

Chapter 715 Utility Taxation

Traffic Code

Chapter 800 General Administration

Chapter 810 Traffic Control Devices

Chapter 811 General Vehicle Operation Requirements

Chapter 812 Stop and Yield Requirements

Chapter 813 Regulation of Vehicle Speed

Chapter 814 Turning Movements

Chapter 815 Passing Movements

Chapter 816 One-Way Streets

Chapter 817 Protective Equipment Required

Chapter 818 School Buses

Chapter 819 Emergency Vehicles

Chapter 820 Vehicle Equipment Required

Chapter 821 Vehicle Weight and Size Requirements and Designated Commercial Vehicle Routes

Chapter 822 Processions and Parades

Chapter 823 Driving While Intoxicated

Chapter 824 Vehicle Collisions

Chapter 825 Other Vehicle Operation Requirements

Chapter 830 Bicycles and Motorized Bicycles

Chapter 840 Parking Requirements and Limitations

Chapter 850 Vehicle Licensing Regulations

Chapter 860 Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility

Chapter 870 Drivers' Licenses and Commercial Licenses

Chapter 880 Pedestrian Movement Regulations

Schedule I Stop Signs

Schedule II Speed Limits

Schedule III Parking Limited

Schedule IV Parking Prohibited

Cross Reference

Chapter CR Cross Reference