Borough of Fort Lee, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Derived from Ch. IV, Sec. 4-15, of the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Fort Lee, 1978, adopted 3-1-1979. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Animals — See Ch. 138.
Parking — See Ch. 289.
Vehicles and traffic — See Ch. 388.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any vehicle used or intended for conveyance upon the public streets so designed or constructed as to permit occupancy of the vehicle as a dwelling or sleeping place for one or more persons or for other occupancy or use and capable of being transported either under its own power or by attachment to a motor vehicle or through other means of transportation.
Any site or tract of land occupied or used by one or more trailers, or available for such occupancy or use, with or without charge, and shall include any building or structure intended for use as part of or in connection with such trailer park.
No person shall operate or permit to be operated or offer for public use within the borough a trailer park without first obtaining a permit therefor from the Mayor and Council.
Application for such permit shall be in writing and shall be presented to the Borough Clerk and shall state the following:
Name and address of owner of the premises;
Name and address of applicant;
A description of the premises whereon or wherein it is proposed to conduct the trailer park;
An agreement signed by the applicant and the owner of the premises agreeing to comply with all the provisions and regulations now or hereafter promulgated by any branch of the borough government or the laws and regulations of the State of New Jersey;
Statement of the sewer, water and toilet facilities to be provided;
The maximum number of house trailers to be accommodated;
A statement from the Health Officer of the borough that all facilities required by the ordinances and regulations of the Board of Health are complied with, and the plan of construction.
The Mayor and Council shall thereupon make or cause to be made a thorough investigation upon the information contained in the application and other information which the Mayor and Council may obtain, and shall determine whether or not such permit shall be granted, and, if granted, may fix the terms under which the permit is granted.
The provisions of this chapter shall be applicable to every trailer park in the borough, and to any person maintaining, operating, conducting or permitting any such trailer park, and shall be applicable to any person living or sleeping in any such trailer park as well as the owner of the premises and other persons violating or contributing to the violation of any of the provisions of this chapter.
Every trailer park shall be laid out, maintained and arranged to provide unoccupied space of not less than 420 square feet for each house trailer and the unoccupied area shall be in addition to the space directly underneath any portion of any house trailer. House trailers shall be arranged in rows abutting or facing on a driveway or clear unoccupied space of not less than 24 feet in width, leaving and providing unobstructed access to a public street or alleyway connected with a public street.
Dogs shall be kept on leash and not permitted to run at large in any trailer park at any time.
In the event that the license is granted, such license shall be issued on condition that the licensee complies with all reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Health of the borough and all ordinances thereof, and such licensee shall pay an initial permit fee of $100 and an annual license fee of $1,000, which fees shall be for the purpose of revenue. The license first obtained shall be for the balance of the year ending December 31 in which issued, and may be renewed thereafter upon proper application therefor in the discretion of the Mayor and Council on January 1 following, providing all the terms and conditions of all rules and regulations, laws and ordinances have been complied with.
Any permit granted hereunder shall be subject to revocation or suspension by the Mayor and Council in the following manner: A notice shall be served on the person holding such permit, specifying wherein he has failed to comply with the rules, regulations, laws and ordinances of the borough, and requiring such licensee to appear before the Mayor and Council at the time and place therein specified, not less than five days after the service of such notice, requiring such licensee to show cause at that time and place why the permit should not be revoked or suspended. At the time and place mentioned in the notice, the licensee shall have the right to appear in person, or by counsel, and introduce such evidence as he may desire, and the Mayor and Council shall confront the licensee with the charges against him and produce proof thereof, subject to cross-examination, and after the hearing the Mayor and Council may in their discretion dismiss the charges or revoke or suspend the permit.
It shall be unlawful to park any house trailer upon any public street in the Borough of Fort Lee except for the time customarily needed for shopping, or to pay any necessary calls for business or other proper purposes.
It shall be unlawful to park any house trailer in any public street or thoroughfare in a place at which such parking would cause congestion or impede the normal flow of traffic or public use of the thoroughfare.
It shall be unlawful to make use of any of the toilet facilities in any house trailer while on any street within the limits of the borough and each such house trailer, while on any street within the limits of the borough, shall have its toilet facilities, lavatories, basins and any other contrivance from which any liquid or excreta may flow completely sealed.
It shall be unlawful to park, keep, house or maintain any house trailer in or upon any street, or in or upon any site, place or location in the borough unless in a licensed trailer park, except that parking for a brief time for shopping and other appropriate purposes may be permitted, pursuant to the provisions of § 381-8.