Borough of Fort Lee, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The on-duty FLA members shall respond immediately to the call for service, unless otherwise directed by the Director or supervisory member in charge. Members shall also be required to promptly respond to emergency recall or "all-hands" call duties.
The EMS Program Coordinator or his/her designee shall maintain a schedule of training and drills and shall activate the FLA for drills or training when and where it becomes necessary. These training sessions may include any and all mandated training courses as set forth in the rules and regulations of the FLA and any elective training sessions as the Director may deem necessary or beneficial. Members will not be compensated for the time required to maintain required certifications. The Borough will pay any fees or costs for the training that is not covered by the state or other agencies.
The EMS Program Coordinator shall keep a permanent record of the call for service, duty time and attendance at training sessions of each active member of the FLA.
Any member of the FLA who drives any Borough vehicle must complete the required driver training as set forth in the rules and regulations of the FLA. Members of other Borough agencies who may be required to operate an ambulance must have completed adequate driver training courses.
All requests for repairs or supplies for the FLA shall be presented through the EMS Program Coordinator to the Director for approval. Purchases shall be made in accordance with applicable state and municipal regulations and shall meet the approval of the Chief Purchasing Agent of the Borough.
No member of the FLA shall be permitted to tamper with or fix or repair any apparatus unless directed to do so by the Director, EMS Program Coordinator, crew chief or line supervisor, and then only in the case of an emergency.
Performance of duty. All members shall promptly perform their duties as required or directed by law, FLA rule, policy, or directive, and by lawful order of a supervisor.
Obedience to laws and rules. Members shall obey all laws, ordinances, rules, policies, procedures, and directives of the FLA.
Reporting violations of laws and rules. Members knowing of other members violating laws, ordinances, or rules of the FLA shall report same in writing to the Director.
Insubordination. Members shall not:
Fail or refuse to obey a lawful order given by a supervisor;
Use any disrespectful or abusive language or action toward a supervisor.
Conduct toward other department employees. Members shall treat other FLA members with respect. They shall be courteous and civil at all times in their relationships with one another.
Fitness for duty. Personnel shall maintain sufficient physical and psychological condition in order to handle the variety of activities required of an emergency medical technician.
Driver's license. Members operating Borough motor vehicles shall possess a valid United States driver's license. Whenever a member driver's license is revoked, suspended, lost, or charged with driving under the influence of controlled dangerous substances or alcohol or reckless driving, the member shall immediately notify the appropriate supervisor, giving full particulars.
Address and telephone numbers. Members are required to have a telephone or other method of twenty-four-hour contact. Changes in address or telephone number shall be reported in writing to the appropriate supervisor within 24 hours of the change.
Members shall at all times keep in force and good standing their EMT and other required approvals and certifications.
Members shall immediately report to their supervisor and/or EMS Program Coordinator the filing of all quasi-criminal or criminal charges, as well as charges of domestic violence or the issuance of any civil injunction against the member.
Members shall not engage in any conduct contrary to the good name, order or well-being of the FLA.
Members are required to be truthful regarding their words and actions relating to the conduct of their duties at all times, whether under oath or not.
Members shall be subject to the Borough's Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy.
Members shall not volunteer to testify in actions arising out of FLA employment and shall not testify unless subpoenaed. If the subpoena arises out of Borough employment or if members are informed that they are a party to a civil action arising out of Borough employment, they shall immediately notify the appropriate supervisor and shall consult with the Director and the Borough Attorney before responding to any such subpoena, giving a deposition, or signing any affidavit.
Court appearance. When appearing in court on FLA business, members shall wear either the FLA uniform or appropriate business attire.
Department investigations. Members are required to answer questions, file reports, or render material and relevant statements in an FLA investigation when such questions and statements are directly related to job responsibilities. Members shall be advised of, and permitted to invoke, all applicable Constitutional and statutory rights, including consultation with counsel, at the member's expense.