City of Monessen, PA
Westmoreland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Derived from Ch. I, Part 8, of the 1964 Code of Ordinances of the City of Monessen]
The City Clerk of the City of Monessen shall perform all the duties and may exercise all the powers vested by law in City Clerks of cities of the third class. He shall, ex officio, act as the Secretary of the Board of Health, Clerk of the Board of Revision of Taxes and Appeals and assistant to the Director of Accounts and Finance. He shall serve as Clerk of the Council and keep and maintain all records and books required to be kept and maintained by the City Council. He shall keep on file all city contracts, and shall furnish to each department of the city government certified copies of any vote, resolution or ordinance pertaining to such department. He shall certify over the seal of the city all appointments and elections of subordinate officers made by the Council or the Mayor and shall administer to such subordinate officers the oath prescribed by Section 1, Article VII, of the Constitution of the Commonwealth and/or any other oath required of such subordinates as a condition for assumption of their respective offices and shall keep a record of all such oaths in a book to be specially provided for the purpose. As assistant to the Director of Accounts and Finance, the City Clerk shall supervise all printing and advertising done by authority of the City Council.
The City Clerk shall file and preserve the original copies of all ordinances and resolutions passed by Council and all other documents, reports, opinions of the City Solicitor and other memoranda relating to the business of the city and not required by law to be kept in any other department. He shall devise an orderly and systematic method of filing said documents so that they may at all times be readily located. He shall be responsible for the safekeeping thereof and shall permit the examination and inspection thereof by the public, but shall not permit any of them to be taken from his office.
The City Clerk shall maintain his office at such place as shall be directed by the City Council and shall keep his office open such days and hours as shall be stipulated by the City Council, by resolution or otherwise.
The City Clerk shall be responsible for the administration of the affairs of the City, under policies established by the Council of the City of Monessen, and shall be directly responsible to Council. The City Clerk shall serve as the deputy director of each department of the City. Members of Council, acting in their executive capacity as department directors, may execute their direction through the City Clerk.
[Added 8-17-2005 by Ord. No. 8-2005]
In addition to the general power granted in Subsection D above, and subject to the policies established by Council, the City Clerk shall have the following additional specific duties and powers:
[Added 8-17-2005 by Ord. No. 8-2005]
The City Clerk shall have authority to establish proper accounting procedures, to record all assets, property trusts, debts due, receipts and expenditures, to supervise the accounts of all departments, to prepare and present an annual budget, to prepare and present monthly and annual reports on the condition of the City's finances, and to suggest improvements of the City's finances;
The City Clerk shall create and maintain administrative controls to ensure compliance with the annual budget and the capital improvements budget;
The City Clerk shall develop, supervise and update a central purchasing system for procurement of supplies and materials to be used by the City;
The City Clerk shall oversee facilities for the maintenance of all archives, documents and records of the City as provided by law, and shall oversee the establishment and periodic revision of a system of uniform forms to be used in the City's official business;
The City Clerk shall establish lines of administrative direction and control for all City departments and agencies and shall have the authority to provide personal direction of all operating personnel through the establishment of administrative lines of authority and responsibility, which shall include the creation of a procedure whereby the City Clerk shall recommend the appointment or removal of all City operating employees not subject to civil service;
The City Clerk shall develop means to expedite the business of the City Council, and shall prepare from time to time, as the City Clerk deems to be in the Council's best interest or as Council from time to time directs, reports and matters of research of interest to the community.
The City Solicitor shall perform all such duties as are prescribed by articles of the city and by the laws of Pennsylvania.
On or before the 10th day of each calendar month, the City Solicitor shall make a return under oath or affirmation to the Director of Accounts and Finance of each item of moneys received by or through him during the preceding calendar month by virtue of his office or on account of any moneys connected therewith, including all fees received by him in his official capacity, but this provision shall not be taken to include the judgment fee allowed him in his capacity of attorney under any Act of Assembly of this commonwealth, and, immediately upon making such return, shall pay over the amount in his hands to the City Treasurer.
The City Treasurer shall demand and receive all moneys payable to the city, from whatsoever source derived; he shall pay all warrants duly countersigned by the Director of Accounts and Finance and the City Controller; and further perform all other duties prescribed by the laws of Pennsylvania.
The City Treasurer shall file with the City Clerk, on or before the 10th day of each calendar month, a return for the preceding month, showing as to each item of tax paid to him during such month the name of the taxpayer, the date and amount of the payment and the year for which the tax was paid.
The City Treasurer shall on or before the 10th day of each month file, in duplicate, with the City Controller and the Director of Accounts and Finance a report, on a form to be approved by said Controller and Director, showing his receipts from all sources for the preceding calendar month and the distribution of said receipts to the general fund, the sinking fund and the improvement fund and showing also the expenditures for said month as to each of said funds by the Department of Public Affairs, the Department of Accounts and Finance, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Streets and Public Improvements and the Department of Parks and Public Properties, together with the balance in the hands of the City Treasurer in each of said funds at the close of said calendar month.