Town of Foxborough, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Foxborough as Art. V, § 1, Para. 1 through 23, of the General Bylaws. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Alarms — See Ch. 59.
Alcoholic beverages — See Ch. 65.
Amusements — See Ch. 71.
Marijuana — See Ch. 162.
Noise — See Ch. 167.
Peddling and soliciting — See Ch. 184.
Vehicles — See Ch. 256.
Three or more persons shall not continue to stand or remain in a group on any sidewalk or in any public place in such a manner as to obstruct a free passage for pedestrians.
No person shall fire or discharge any firearm or other explosive article within the limits of any park, playground, public way, public building or other public property except with the consent of the Board of Selectmen. This bylaw shall not apply to the lawful defense of life or property or to any law enforcement officer acting in the discharge of his duties.
No person shall coast upon any sled upon any sidewalk of any street or public place except such streets and places designated for that purpose by the Board of Selectmen.
No person shall ride or lead a horse upon any sidewalk of the Town.
No person shall play any game in which a ball is used, or shoot a bow and arrow or air gun, or throw stones or any other missile in any street or public way.
No person shall throw or deposit upon any public way, any bottle, glass, metal or any material that could cause damage to any person or vehicle.
No person, unless required to do so by law, shall, without a permit from the Board of Selectmen, post or affix in any manner, paint, print, write or cause to be painted, printed or written any notice, advertisement, bill, picture, drawing or writings upon any curbstone, sidewalk, tree, pole, post or hydrant in any street or public place or upon any walk or fence or any public building.
No person shall place or maintain over any sidewalk any awning, shade, shade frame, canopy, sign or signboard without a permit from the Board of Selectmen, but no such awning, shade, shade frame, canopy, sign or signboard shall be less than seven feet from the ground in the lowest part or extended beyond the line of the sidewalk.
No person shall operate a bicycle within the limits of the Town unless such bicycle is registered and unless the registration plate issued therefor is attached to such bicycle. The Police Department shall register all bicycles and issue to the owners thereof certificates of registration, which shall be in effect, unless suspended, so long as such registrants own said bicycles. Upon sale or transfer of a registered bicycle, the registrants shall remove the registration plate and surrender same to the Police Department, or may, upon application but without payment of additional fee, have said plate assigned to another bicycle owned by the applicant.
No person shall operate any motor boat on any pond or lake in the Town at a speed which would endanger the lives and safety or property of the public, provided that, when within 150 feet of the shore or any pier or float, the speed shall not exceed six miles an hour. No person shall operate any motorboat within 150 feet of the shore of any public or private bathing beach except in an emergency or to launch or land the motorboat at a public or private beach or pier with the beach frontage owner's permission. Whoever violates the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than $20 for each violation.
The police, at the direction of the Superintendent of Streets, may, for the purpose of removing or plowing snow from any way, remove or cause to be removed to some convenient place, including in such term a public garage, any vehicle interfering with such work and impose liability for the cost of such removal and of the storage charges, if any, resulting therefrom upon the owner of such vehicle.
No mercantile/retail use, gasoline station or automobile repair shop shall operate within the Town within a distance of 200 linear feet from any single- or multifamily dwelling between the hours of 12:00 midnight and the following 6:00 a.m.
The Selectmen shall impose a general curfew within the Town or any portion thereof upon such circumstances and for such hours as the Selectmen determine a curfew is needed.
No person shall throw, place or cause to be placed in any public place in the Town any obstruction, or any ashes, garbage, carrion, filth, offal, fuel, building materials, paper, cards, handbills, leaves or rubbish of any kind, except in such place and in such manner as shall be prescribed by the Selectmen.
No person shall park or leave unattended his/her motor vehicle within any part of the area posted and marked as a fire lane in any parking area or parking lot, private or public. Any person violating this section shall be punished by a fine up to the maximum allowed by MGL c. 40, § 21.
All buildings on or within 150 feet of a public or private way shall be numbered, said numbers to be placed upon said buildings by the owner thereof, and to be so placed as to be visible from such way.
In case of fire, no person shall interfere with the members of the Fire Department or remove, injure or in any manner disturb the machines, hoses, or equipment of the Fire Department, except as directed by the officer of the Fire Department in command. The Chief of Police, or in his absence some other police officer, shall be present at all fires, for the purpose of enforcing this section of the bylaw.
No person, except an officer of the law in performance of his duties, shall enter upon or remain upon the premises of or looking into the window, door or other aperture of a house or structure, in any manner or upon any person or persons therein. Any person found violating this bylaw shall be subject to arrest without a warrant in accordance with MGL c. 276, § 28.
Whoever willfully obstructs, interferes with or hinders a police officer in the lawful performance of his duty shall be punished by a fine of not less than $50 if convicted.
[Added 5-14-2018 ATM by Art. 24]
Takeoffs and landings. Except as set forth in Subsection C below, it shall be unlawful for any person to initiate the takeoff or landing of an unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft system:
In any zone within the Town of Foxborough within one mile of, and within two hours before or after, an open-air event sponsored or licensed by the Town of Foxborough, including, but not limited to, parades, outdoor concerts, street dances, festivals, art shows, sporting and recreational events, or large-scale community gatherings; and
Within two miles and within four hours before or after any major event held at Gillette Stadium.
Collectively, the multipurpose stadium located on Route 1, all lots located in the vicinity of such multipurpose stadium that permit patrons of licensed events to park motor vehicles, and all land and improvements thereon located within the immediate vicinity of such multipurpose stadium that are owned and/or operated by the owner of such multipurpose stadium.
Any sporting event, concert or other form of entertainment occurring at Gillette Stadium with ticketed sales or a fan capacity of more than 1,000 people.
Any device that is intended to navigate in the air without an onboard pilot and any aircraft that is operated without the possibility of human intervention from within or onboard the aircraft. The term "unmanned aircraft" includes any homemade or commercially available device known as a "drone."
An unmanned aircraft and associated elements, including communication links and any components that control the unmanned aircraft or that are required for the pilot in command to operate safely and efficiently in the national airspace system.
Exceptions. The takeoff and landing of an unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft system as proscribed herein (1) may be permitted by the Chief of Police based on an analysis by the Chief of Police that concludes there is no public safety risk associated with the permitted activity, and (2) permission shall not be unreasonably withheld for commercial flights requested by the owner/operator of the multipurpose stadium at Gillette Stadium. The burden shall remain with the owner or operator of the unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft system to ensure that any flight activity complies with all FAA and other federal regulations on flight.