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Otero County, NM
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[References to state law appear in the County Code as indicated in the following tables.]
NMSA Citation
Subject Matter
Location in County Code
Additional county and municipal powers; flood and mudslide hazard areas; floodplain permits; land use control; jurisdiction; agreement
Ch. 135
Nuisances and offenses; regulation or prohibition
Ch. 220
3-20-5, 3-20-6 and 3-20-9
Subdivisions; planning and platting
Ch. 200
3-36-1 et seq.
Municipal liens
Ch. 143
3-39-16 through 3-39-26
Municipal Airport Zoning Law
Ch. 7, Art. I; Ch. 100
Franchises; authorization
Ch. A230
4-37-1 et seq.
Counties; powers; ordinances
Ch. 7; Ch. 16; Ch. 111; Ch. 131; Ch. 143; Ch. 150; Ch. 190; Ch. 195; Ch. 200; Ch. 220
Enforcing County ordinances; jurisdiction
Ch. 1, Art. I
Board of County Commissioners: residence in districts; period for districting; election at large
Ch. 16
Authority of Board of County Commissioners to administer
Ch. 190
Creation of Planning Commission
Ch. 150, Art. VIII
5-10-1 et seq.
Local Economic Development Act
Ch. 23
7-9-1 et seq.
Gross Receipts and Compensating Tax Act
Ch. 205
Municipal gross receipts tax
Ch. 205
7-20E-1 et seq.
County Local Option Gross Receipts Taxes Act 
Ch. 205
7-20E-15 and 7-20E-16
County fire protection excise tax
Ch. 205
County environmental services gross receipts tax
Ch. 205
County health care gross receipts tax
Ch. 205
7-20F-1 et seq.
County Correctional Facility Gross Receipts Tax Act
Ch. 205
Special method of valuation; land used primarily for agricultural purposes
Ch. 150; Ch. 200
10-7C-1 et seq.
Retiree Health Care Act
Ch. 52, Art. I
10-7E-1 et seq.
Public Employee Bargaining Act
Ch. 45
10-8-1 et seq.
Per Diem and Mileage Act
Ch. 45
10-11-1 et seq.
Public Employees Retirement Act
Ch. 45
10-15-1 et seq.
Open Meetings Act
Ch. 7; Ch. 140; Ch. 200
14-3-1 et seq.
Public Records Act
Ch. 58; Ch. 69
Recording: acknowledgment necessary for recording; exceptions
Ch. 200
18-6-1 et seq.
Cultural Properties Act
Ch. 200
Expenses for burial or cremation
Ch. 140
Burial after investigation; cost of opening and closing grave
Ch. 140
27-2-1 through 27-2-47
Public Assistance Act
Ch. 140
27-5-1 et seq.
Indigent Hospital and County Health Care Act
Ch. 140
27-10-1 through 27-10-4
Statewide Health Care Act
Ch. 140
28-1-1 et seq.
Human Rights Act
Ch. 125
Law enforcement training: qualifications for certification 
Ch. 58
Abatement of a public nuisance
Ch. 220
43-1-3 et seq.
Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code
Ch. 140
44-7A-1 et seq.
Uniform Arbitration Act
Ch. 45
47-6-1 through 47-6-29
New Mexico Subdivision Act
Ch. 150; Ch. 200
60-2C-1 through 60-2C-11
Fireworks Licensing and Safety Act
Ch. 131
Joint Airport Zoning Board
Ch. 7, Art. I
Motor vehicle definitions
Ch. 220
Notification forms; copies; resale of salvaged vehicle or motor vehicle
Ch. 220
Disposal of abandoned vehicle or motor vehicle
Ch. 220
66-4-1 et seq.
Licensing of vehicle dealers and wreckers
Ch. 220
Traffic laws: powers of local authorities
Ch. 160
Storage provisions for historical or special interest vehicles
Ch. 220
66-3-1001 et seq.
Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act
Ch. 224
67-4-1 through 67-6-7
County highways in general; vacation, alteration and establishment of county roads and bridges; county highways and bridge bonds
Ch. 195
Highway Beautification Act
Ch. 190
72-5-1, 72-5-23 and 72-5-24
Appropriation and use of surface water
Ch. 200
72-12-1, 72-12-3 and 72-12-7
Underground waters
Ch. 200
Penalties for violations of air quality control
Ch. 111
Ch. 74, Art. 4
Hazardous Waste Act
Ch. 111; Ch. 190
Vaccination of dogs and cats required
Ch. 105, Art. II
N.M. Const. Art. II, § 10
Searches and seizures
Ch. 105, Art. II
N.M. Const. Art. IX, § 14
Public support for economic development projects
Ch. 23
NMAC Citation
Subject Matter
Location in County Code
7.6.2 et seq.
Food service and food processing
Ch. 27
7.18.2 through 7.18.5
Swimming pools
Ch. 27
Open burning
Ch. 111
20.7.3 et seq.
Liquid waste treatment and disposal
Ch. 27
Subject Matter
Location in County Code
Administrative appeals; statutory review by District Court of administrative decisions or orders
Ch. 58; Ch. 140; Ch. 150