City of Weatherby Lake, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 210.005 Definitions.

Section 210.010 Accessory.

Section 210.015 Attempt.

Article II Offenses Against The Person

Section 210.020 Assault.

Section 210.025 Domestic Assault.

Section 210.030 Assault of A Law Enforcement Officer.

Section 210.035 Harassment.

Section 210.040 False Imprisonment.

Section 210.050 Endangering The Welfare of A Child.

Section 210.055 Leaving A Child Unattended in A Motor Vehicle.

Article III Offenses Concerning Administration of Justice

Section 210.060 Concealing An Offense.

Section 210.070 Hindering Prosecution.

Section 210.080 Refusal To Identify As A Witness.

Section 210.090 Disturbing A Judicial Proceeding.

Section 210.100 Tampering With A Witness — Tampering With A Victim.

Section 210.110 Improper Communication.

Section 210.120 False Impersonation.

Section 210.130 False Reports.

Section 210.140 Resisting or Interfering With Arrest, Detention or Stop.

Section 210.150 Escape or Attempted Escape From Custody.

Section 210.155 Interference With Legal Process.

Section 210.160 False Representation in Application For Building Permits or Applications Before The Zoning Commission.

Article IV Offenses Concerning Public Safety

Section 210.165 Abandonment of Airtight or Semi-Airtight Containers.

Section 210.170 Littering.

Section 210.180 Littering Via Carcasses.

Section 210.190 Corrupting or Diverting Water Supply.

Section 210.195 Open Wells.

Section 210.200 Abandoning Motor Vehicle.

Section 210.205 Abandoned Property On Public Land.

Section 210.210 Polluting Water.

Section 210.215 Maintaining A Nuisance.

Section 210.220 Burning Trash.

Section 210.225 Fireworks.

Article V Offenses Concerning Public Peace

Section 210.230 Peace Disturbance.

Section 210.235 Private Peace Disturbance.

Section 210.237 Peace Disturbance Definitions.

Section 210.240 Unlawful Assembly.

Section 210.242 Rioting.

Section 210.245 Refusal To Disperse.

Section 210.247 Use of Loud Sound Amplification Systems in Motor Vehicles Prohibited.

Article VI Offenses Concerning Weapons and Firearms

Section 210.250 Definitions.

Section 210.255 Unlawful Use of Weapons.

Section 210.260 Firearms in City Buildings.

Section 210.270 through Section 210.280. (Reserved)

Article VII Offenses Concerning Property

Section 210.290 Tampering.

Section 210.300 Property Damage.

Section 210.310 Claim of Right.

Section 210.320 Trespass in The First Degree.

Section 210.330 Trespass in The Second Degree.

Section 210.335 Trespass of A School Bus.

Section 210.340 Reckless Burning or Exploding.

Section 210.350 Negligent Burning or Exploding.

Section 210.360 Stealing.

Section 210.365 Theft of Motor Fuel.

Section 210.370 Receiving Stolen Property.

Section 210.375 Financial Exploitation of The Elderly and Disabled.

Section 210.380 Fraudulent Use of A Credit or Debit Device.

Section 210.390 Deceptive Business Practice.

Section 210.395 Operating A Business.

Section 210.400 Alteration or Removal of Item Numbers With Intent To Deprive Lawful Owner.

Section 210.410 Failure To Return Rented Personal Property — Enforcement Procedure — Penalty — Venue.

Section 210.420 Passing Bad Checks.

Section 210.425 Shoplifting — Detention of Suspect By Merchant — Liability Presumption.

Section 210.426 Definitions.

Article VIII Offenses Concerning Prostitution and Morals

Section 210.430 Article Definitions.

Section 210.440 Prostitution.

Section 210.450 Patronizing Prostitution.

Section 210.460 Prostitution and Patronizing Prostitution — Sex of Parties No Defense, When.

Section 210.470 Prostitution Houses Deemed Public Nuisances.

Section 210.480 Indecent Exposure (Sexual Misconduct).

Article IX Offenses Concerning Pornography

Section 210.490 Definitions.

Section 210.500 Promoting Pornography.

Section 210.510 Furnishing Pornographic Materials To Minors.

Article X Offenses Concerning Alcohol and Drugs

Section 210.520 Possession of Marijuana.

Section 210.530 Possession or Control of A Controlled Substance.

Section 210.532 Limit On Over-The-Counter Sale of Methamphetamine — Exceptions.

Section 210.535 Limitations On The Retail Sale of Methamphetamine Precursor Drugs.

Section 210.540 Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia.

Section 210.550 Inhalation or Inducing Others To Inhale Solvent Fumes To Cause Certain Reactions, Prohibited — Exceptions.

Section 210.560 Inducing, or Possession With Intent To Induce, Symptoms By Use of Solvents, Prohibited.

Section 210.570 Possession or Purchase of Solvents To Aid Others in Violations, Prohibited — Violations of Sections 210.550 To 210.560 — Penalty.

Section 210.575 (Reserved)

Article XI Offenses Concerning Minors

Section 210.580 Definitions.

Section 210.590 Curfew For Persons Under Seventeen.

Section 210.600 Parental Responsibility.

Section 210.605 Contributing To The Delinquency of A Minor.

Section 210.610 Purchase, Use or Possession of Alcoholic Beverages By A Minor.

Article XII Offenses Concerning Tobacco

Section 210.615 Definitions.

Section 210.620 Unlawful To Sell or Distribute Tobacco Products To Minors — Vending Machine Requirements.

Section 210.630 Minors Prohibited From Purchase or Possession of Tobacco — Misrepresentation of Age.

Section 210.640 Retail Sales Tax License Required For Sale of Tobacco Products.

Section 210.650 Required Sign Stating Violation of State Law To Sell Tobacco To Minors Under Age Eighteen — Display of Sign Required Where.

Section 210.660 Restrictions On Sales of Individual Packs of Cigarettes.

Section 210.670 Proof of Age Required, When Defense To Action For Violation Is Reasonable Reliance On Proof — Liability.

Article XIII Miscellaneous Offenses

Section 210.680 Communication Equipment in Motor Vehicles or Watercraft.

Section 210.690 Smoke-Free Air.