City of Weatherby Lake, MO
Platte County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to city motor vehicle licenses, §385.140 et seq.; as to garbage and trash haulers license, §225.030 et seq.
Article I Peddlers' and Solicitors' Licenses

Section 600.010 Definitions.

Section 600.020 Exception.

Section 600.030 Identification Card Required For Peddlers and Solicitors, Available For Canvassers.

Section 600.040 Fee.

Section 600.050 Application For Identification Card.

Section 600.060 Contents of Application.

Section 600.070 Issuance of Identification Card.

Section 600.080 Investigation.

Section 600.090 Identification Cards of Other City.

Section 600.100 Denial — Administrative Revocation.

Section 600.110 Hearing On Appeal.

Section 600.120 Display of Identification Card.

Section 600.130 Validity of Identification Card.

Section 600.140 Revocation of Card.

Section 600.150 No Visit List.

Section 600.160 Distribution of Handbills and Commercial Flyers.

Section 600.170 General Prohibitions.

Section 600.180 Violation To Be Prosecuted As Trespass.

Article II Gas, Electricity and Telephone Service Suppliers License

Section 600.190 License Fee Required.

Section 600.200 Report and Payment of Fee.

Section 600.210 Inspection of Books.

Section 600.220 Penalty.

Section 600.230 (Reserved)

Section 600.240 Telephone Service Defined For The Purpose of This Article.

Section 600.250 No Exemption For Taxes.

Article III Community Antenna Television System Operator's Tax

Section 600.260 Definitions.

Section 600.270 Tax Imposed.

Section 600.280 Report and Payment of Tax.

Section 600.290 Penalty.

Section 600.300 Inspection of Books.

Section 600.310 Effect of Pre-Emption.

Article IV Explosive Discharge Permits

Section 600.320 Explosives Discharge Permit Required.