City of Marshfield, MO
Webster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 215.010 Definitions.

Section 215.020 License Required.

Section 215.030 Affixing of Tags.

Section 215.040 Method of Securing License.

Section 215.050 Running At Large — Impounding.

Section 215.060 Notice of Impoundment

Section 215.070 Date of Destruction and Disposal.

Section 215.080 Manner of Reclaiming Dogs.

Section 215.090 Prohibitions and Offenses — Penalty.

Section 215.100 Pound — Open To Inspection.

Section 215.110 Procedure When Person Bitten or Scratched By Animal.

Section 215.120 Pursuit and Impoundment of Animals Suspected of Having Bitten or Scratched A Person.

Section 215.130 Impoundment of Suspected or Rabid Animals.

Section 215.140 Duty of Owner or Person in Charge to Kill Dog or Have Immunized.

Section 215.150 Quarantine Order To Be Issued by Mayor and/or City Administrator — To Be Published and Posted.

Article II Dangerous Dogs

Section 215.160 Definitions.

Section 215.170 Acquisition of Dangerous Dog Prohibited.

Section 215.175 Regulation Of Certain Breeds Deemed Presumptively Dangerous.

Section 215.180 Adjudication As Dangerous Dog.

Section 215.190 Sanctions Against Dangerous Dogs.

Section 215.200 Dangerous Dog Owned By Minor.

Section 215.210 Seizure and/or Confinement of Dangerous Dog.

Section 215.220 Excused Behavior.

Section 215.230 Enforcement — Search and Seizure.

Section 215.240 Exemption.

Section 215.250 Severability.

Section 215.260 Violations and Penalties.

Article III Kennel Regulations

Section 215.270 Definitions.

Section 215.280 Kennels.

Section 215.290 Violation Is An Offense.