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City of Truesdale, MO
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1986 §505.010; Ord. No. 43 §1, 6-4-1965]
All persons who have cause to make excavation in, on or through any public property within the corporate limits of the City of Truesdale shall before making any such excavation obtain an excavation permit from the City.
[CC 1986 §505.030; Ord. No. 43 §4, 6-4-1965]
After applicant is issued a permit, he/she will cause said permit to be posted on a suitable holder at site of excavation.
[CC 1986 §505.040; Ord. No. 43 §5, 6-4-1965]
Failure to obtain a permit as covered under this Chapter shall be considered an ordinance violation and as such be subject to prosecution and fine.
[CC 1986 §505.050; Ord. No. 325 §1, 10-13-1999]
Any individual, citizen, corporation, partnership or legal entity of any kind who wishes to dig into or across any City street or alley within the City limits of the City of Truesdale for any reason must first obtain a permit from the Board of Aldermen at a non-refundable cost of one hundred dollars ($100.00).
A four hundred dollar ($400.00) cash bond or such other amount and form as determined by the Board of Aldermen shall also be posted with the City Clerk of the City of Truesdale. Said bond will be returnable after one (1) year provided the street or alley is returned to its normal condition and approved by the Board of Aldermen.
[Ord. No. 343 §1, 6-14-2000]
No one shall construct a driveway, private road or any type of entry onto a City street within the City limits of the City of Truesdale until they have obtained permission to do so from the Mayor, Street Commissioner or other City Official of the City of Truesdale.
If the City of Truesdale determines that it is necessary that a culvert be installed, it shall be the responsibility of the person or business constructing said driveway, private road or any type of entry onto a City street to bear the costs of the culvert and to bear the costs of the installation of said culvert. The City of Truesdale shall determine the size of said culvert.
All culverts shall be fortified with reinforced concrete. These bridges will be a minimum of six (6) inches wide and a minimum of eight (8) inches tall on each side of the culvert and a minimum of four (4) inches over the top of the culvert. The concrete must be reinforced with a minimum of two (2) one-fourth (¼) inch steel rods bent to fit culvert end of bridge. The addition of wire screen is highly recommended.
All culverts must be covered with a minimum of five (5) inches of one (1) inch minus rock or four (4) inches of asphalt except for commercial application. Commercial application requires a minimum of eight (8) inches of steel reinforced concrete.
The City will inspect the forms prior to the pouring of concrete and prior to the entrance being granted for the City to take over.
No driveway shall be less than sixteen (16) feet in width for sole residential and if for more than one (1) residence or for commercial, the minimum width shall be for twenty-eight (28) feet.
Anyone violating this Section shall be subject to both fines and injunction.