Town of North Salem, NY
Westchester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of North Salem 12-11-1984. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fees — See Ch. 85.
Rules and regulations applying to Town cemeteries are as follows:
Only North Salem residents, former residents and their next of kin are eligible for burial in Town cemeteries.
Burial plots may be purchased as outlined in Subsection A(1) in accordance with the Standard Schedule of Fees of the Town of North Salem.[1]
[Amended 6-29-1999]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 85, Fees.
Interments shall be made only after application to the Superintendent of Cemeteries. If the interment is to be in an already assigned plot, the applicant must provide evidence, if required, that the deceased is eligible for burial in said plot.
Graves will be opened and closed through arrangements with the funeral director. The Town requires a fee for restoration in accordance with the Standard Schedule of Fees of the Town of North Salem.[2] All graves, when first opened, shall be sufficiently deep, at least seven feet, so as to accommodate two burials if this should be desired at a later time.
[Amended 6-29-1999]
Editor's Note: See Ch. 85, Fees.
Concrete burial vaults must be used.
No interment other than the remains of a human being will be permitted.
At the time of purchase of a burial plot, cornerstones must also be installed at the expense of the plot owner.
Approved temporary grave markers may be installed for a period of up to one year, at which time a permanent approved monument must be erected.
Any rock removal necessary shall be at cost to the plot owner.
Before erecting any kind of monument, the contractor shall file at the office of the Superintendent of Cemeteries a blueprint or sketch of the proposed monument showing the design and plan of the work and shall show sizes, kind of material, inscriptions and the location of the proposed monument on the plot. Before performing work of any nature on the plot, the contractor shall present a written order signed by the owners or their successors in interest of the plot or grave as his authority for the same. The approval of the Superintendent of Cemeteries must be obtained and a permit secured before commencing the work or bringing any material into the grounds. The preferred dimension for a headstone is 20 inches high by 24 inches wide by 16 inches deep. This refers to aboveground measurements.
If the contractor erects a monument of any kind or description on a plot by reason of which the grass area is damaged, the Superintendent of Cemeteries shall make such restoration as, in his judgment, is necessary, and the contractor shall reimburse the Town of North Salem for the cost of such restoration.
The Superintendent of Cemeteries reserves the right to prohibit plot enclosures of any description.
No advertisement of any form shall be allowed on any monument.
All monuments must be of stone of approved quality. The most suitable and accepted material is granite.
Only one monument will be permitted on a plot or one marker on any one grave. Monuments must not encroach on the space allowed for interments.
All monuments must be set at least six inches from the plot line.
Cornerstones shall be set level with the ground. No raised letter will be permitted thereon. They must be two feet in height, four inches by four inches in dimension and dressed down plumb on the sides of the adjoining plots.
All monuments must be provided with concrete foundations. The foundations must extend to such depth as may be required to provide security for the work. Foundations must be at least the full size of the monument and will be finished off at such levels as will permit the monument to be set at least one inch below the surface of the sod at all points.
Any permanent planting put in without permission of the Superintendent of Cemeteries is subject to removal without notice.
The planting of trees will not be permitted.
Shrub plantings shall be limited to dwarf types, such as Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Dwarf Mugho Pine or the like, subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Cemeteries. The Superintendent reserves the right to remove said shrubbery if it becomes unsightly or overgrown, at cost to the plot owner.
Flower vases shall be placed as close to the monument as possible and set plumb to ground level.
Flower plantings shall be limited to annuals.
Grass mounds will not be permitted.
The use of hay or straw coverings on graves is prohibited.
Arbors and trellis work are prohibited.
Whenever, in the opinion of the Superintendent of Cemeteries, flowers, wreaths, flags, etc., placed on the graves become unsightly, they will be removed, and no responsibility for their protection, maintenance or safekeeping will be assumed by the Superintendent of Cemeteries.
If a plot owner shall permit any planting to be overgrown or unsightly, the Superintendent of Cemeteries, after due notice, will remove the same, and a charge for this work will be made on the plot owner.
Approved social service burials shall be at a reduced charge.
The Superintendent of Cemeteries reserves the right to enlarge, reduce, replot and/or change the boundaries or grading of the cemeteries, including the right to modify and/or change the locations of or remove or regrade existing roads, drives and/or walks or any part thereof. This shall not in any way deprive any plot owner of the proper use of all or any part of his plot.
Disinterments may be made with the consent of the Superintendent of Cemeteries and the written consent of the owner or owners of the plot and of the surviving wife, husband, children, if of full age, and parents of the deceased. If the consent of any such person cannot be obtained or if the Superintendent of Cemeteries refuses consent, the consent of the Supreme Court shall be sufficient. Disinterments must be arranged through the Superintendent of Cemeteries.
Resale of unused plots is permitted with the consent of the Superintendent of Cemeteries. At such time, the original deed must be surrendered to the Superintendent of Cemeteries, who shall issue a transfer deed to the purchaser.
Cost figures will be reviewed annually and adjusted accordingly.
The Superintendent of Cemeteries, with the approval of the Town Board of the Town of North Salem, reserves the right to amend the foregoing rules and regulations as deemed requisite and proper to secure and promote the general objectives of governing the Town cemeteries. Such amendments would apply to all plot owners.