City of Hoboken, NJ
Hudson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I: Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 4 Administration, Department of

Chapter 5 Revenue and Finance, Department of

Chapter 6 Administrative Affairs

Chapter 7 Affordable Housing, Council on

Chapter 9 Alcoholic Beverage Control, Board of

Chapter 11 Assessor

Chapter 12 (Reserved)

Chapter 16 Budget Operations

Chapter 19 Clerks, Municipal

Chapter 20 Community Development, Department of

Chapter 20A Professional Services Contracts

Chapter 20B Land Use Applicant Contribution Disclosure Statements

Chapter 20C Redevelopment Pay-To-Play Reform

Chapter 20D Political Contribution Limits

Chapter 21 Court, Municipal

Chapter 23 (Reserved)

Chapter 25 Electronic Accessibility of Public Information

Chapter 26 (Reserved)

Chapter 28 Public Records

Chapter 29 Ethics

Chapter 29A Financial Disclosure Statements

Chapter 30 Gift Policy

Chapter 31 (Reserved)

Chapter 32 First Source Agreements

Chapter 33 (Reserved)

Chapter 34 Subdivision of Land

Chapter 34A (Reserved)

Chapter 35 Civic Green Buildings

Chapter 36 (Reserved)

Chapter 36A Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority

Chapter 37 Hoboken Redevelopment Agency

Chapter 38 Housing Authority

Chapter 39 Human Services, Department of

Chapter 42 Historic Preservation

Chapter 43 Self-Insurance Plan and Fund

Chapter 44 Land Use Procedures

Chapter 46 Public Property

Chapter 48 Library: Board of Trustees

Chapter 51 Mayor, Office of

Chapter 53 Nursing Service, Public Health

Chapter 54 Officers and Employees

Chapter 55 Open Space Trust Fund

Chapter 56 Transportation and Parking Utility

Chapter 56A Parklands

Chapter 57 (Reserved)

Chapter 58 Environmental Services, Department of

Chapter 59 Police Department

Chapter 59A Public Safety, Department of

Chapter 60 Purchasing

Chapter 61 Rainforests, Protection of

Chapter 62 Shade Tree Commission

Chapter 63 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 64 North Hudson Sewerage Authority

Chapter 64A Transportation and Parking, Department of

Chapter 65 Youth-Serving Organizations

Part II: General Legislation

Chapter 65A Affordable Housing

Chapter 66 Alarms

Chapter 68 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 74 Amusement Devices; Vending Machines

Chapter 76 Asbestos and Dust Protection

Chapter 77 Auctioneers

Chapter 79 Boardinghouses

Chapter 79A Building Demolition

Chapter 80 Buildings and Dwellings, Dangerous or Unfit

Chapter 83 Certificates of Occupancy, Apartment

Chapter 85 Condominium Conversions

Chapter 86 Construction Codes, Uniform

Chapter 87 Crane Regulations

Chapter 89 Curfew; Civil Disturbances

Chapter 93 Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 94 Drug-Free Zones

Chapter 95 Dwellings; Minimum Standards

Chapter 97 Filming

Chapter 98 Firearms

Chapter 99 Fire Insurance Liens

Chapter 101 Fire Prevention

Chapter 104 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 108 Games of Chance on Sundays

Chapter 110 Garbage, Rubbish and Litter

Chapter 113 Glue, Sale and Use of

Chapter 115 Health/Sanitary Code

Chapter 116 Heating of Buildings; Fuel Oil

Chapter 118 Horse Flesh

Chapter 120 Maintenance of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings

Chapter 125 Lead Paint

Chapter 128 Licenses

Chapter 133 Noise Control

Chapter 135 Nuclear-Free Zone

Chapter 136 Nuisances

Chapter 140 Parking Lots, Surface

Chapter 141 Parking Garages and Lots, Public

Chapter 141A Parking Permits

Chapter 145 Peace and Good Order

Chapter 146 Peddlers; Transient Merchants

Chapter 147 Mobile Retail Food Vendors

Chapter 148 Plastic Bags

Chapter 151 Recycling

Chapter 154 Rental Housing; Warehousing

Chapter 155 Rent Control

Chapter 158 Rooming Houses; Licenses

Chapter 160 Sales

Chapter 163 Sewers

Chapter 166 Stormwater Management

Chapter 168 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 171 Strike Employees

Chapter 177 Taxation

Chapter 179 (Reserved)

Chapter 179A Taxicabs

Chapter 180 Shuttle Buses

Chapter 180A Limousines

Chapter 183 Tattoo Parlors

Chapter 184 Towing

Chapter 185 Body-Piercing Parlors

Chapter 187 Union Label, Use of

Chapter 190 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 191 Vehicles, Unregistered

Chapter 192 Parking for Handicapped

Chapter 193 Water

Chapter 194 Waterfront

Chapter 195 Youth Advisory Commission

Chapter 196 Zoning

Part III: Board of Health Legislation

Chapter 200 Board of Health Legislation


Chapter A260 Cable Television Franchise

Chapter A261 Mobile Digital Data Communications Systems

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List