St. Charles County, MO
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Adopting Ordinance

Chapter AO Adopting Ordinance

Government Code

Chapter 100 General Provisions

Chapter 101 Political Townships

Chapter 104 Screening Process For New County Employees

Chapter 105 Indemnification of County Officials and Employees

Chapter 110 Conflicts of Interest

Chapter 112 Open Meetings and Records Policy

Chapter 115 Personnel

Chapter 118 County Auditor

Chapter 119 Prosecuting Attorney

Chapter 120 Boards and Commissions

Chapter 121 St. Charles County Housing Assistance Program

Chapter 125 County Department of Corrections

Chapter 126 Department of Information Systems

Chapter 127 Department of Communications

Chapter 128 Department of Workforce and Business Development

Chapter 129 County Registrar

Chapter 130 Department of Finance

Chapter 131 Family Arena

Chapter 132 Department of Community Development

Chapter 133 Department of Parks and Recreation

Chapter 134 Department of Public Health

Chapter 135 Purchasing Policy

Chapter 136 Design-Build Procurement Process

Chapter 137 Procedures On Acquisition of Real Estate Interest By County

Chapter 140 Revenue and Taxation

Chapter 145 Recorder of Deeds

Chapter 147 County Road Construction

Chapter 150 Court Costs and Fees

Chapter 160 Municipal Court

Public Health, Safety And Welfare

Chapter 200 Police Department - Law Enforcement Functions

Chapter 201 Department of Emergency Communications

Chapter 202 (Reserved)

Chapter 203 Communications Equipment Placement on County Facilities

Chapter 205 Animal Regulations

Chapter 210 Offenses

Chapter 215 Security Alarm Systems

Chapter 220 Newsracks

Chapter 223 Billboards and Signs - Sexually Explicit Material

Chapter 224 Health and Safety Requirements of Businesses

Chapter 225 Fair Housing Policy

Chapter 230 Food Code

Chapter 233 Aquatic and Recreational Facilities Code

Chapter 234 Lodging Establishments

Chapter 235 Sexually Transmitted Disease and Pregnancy Testing Program

Chapter 236 Immunization Program

Chapter 239 Training Programs

Chapter 240 Solid Waste Management Code

Chapter 243 County Recycling Center

Chapter 245 Fluoridation

Chapter 250 County Park Regulations

Chapter 255 Regulations Relating To Secondhand Goods

Chapter 260 Requirements For High Pressure Pipelines

Chapter 265 Adopt-A-Road Program

Chapter 270 Bicycling Events

Chapter 275 Regulating The Sale of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine Related Products

Chapter 280 Narcotics Control Act

Chapter 285 Sheriff's Department – Services Necessary for the Operation of Those Courts Which Are the Responsibility of the County

Traffic And Offenses Code

Chapter 300 Model Traffic Ordinance

Chapter 301 Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 302 Drivers' and Commercial Drivers' License

Chapter 303 Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law

Chapter 304 Traffic Regulations

Chapter 305 Requirements For Motorized Scooters

Chapter 307 Vehicle Equipment and Additional Traffic Regulations

Chapter 309 Miscellaneous Driving Regulations

Chapter 310 Procedures For Traffic Regulations

Chapter 375 Offenses Code

Schedule I Speed Limits

Schedule II Stop Signs

Schedule III Parking Regulations

Schedule IV Yield Signs

Schedule V Turn Restrictions

Schedule VI Pedestrian Signals

Schedule VII Weight Restrictions

Schedule VIII Streets or Portions of Streets Which Have Been Renamed

Land Use

Chapter 400 Boards and Commissions

Chapter 405 Unified Development Ordinance of St. Charles County, Missouri "Zoning Regulations"

Chapter 410 Unified Development Ordinance of St. Charles County, Missouri "Subdivision Regulations"

Chapter 412 Unified Development Ordinance of St. Charles County, Missouri "Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations"

Chapter 415 Preservation of Highway Corridors Established in Unincorporated St. Charles County

Chapter 416 Noninterference With Emergency Microwave Communications System

Chapter 417 Directional and Way-Finding Signage Program

Chapter 420 Miscellaneous Regulations Concerning Land Use

Chapter 422 Illicit Discharge and Connection Regulations

Chapter 425 Fees

Building And Construction

Chapter 500 Building Codes and County Building Commission

Chapter 503 Miscellaneous Building Regulations

Chapter 505 Fees

Business And Occupation

Chapter 600 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 605 Private Watchmen and Security Guards-Licensing

Chapter 606 Peddlers and Solicitors

Chapter 607 Private Detectives - Unincorporated Area of St. Charles County

Chapter 608 Towing Businesses

Chapter 610 Tourist Camps

Chapter 615 (Reserved)

Chapter 620 Miscellaneous Business Regulations

Chapter 622 Compliance With State Immigration Laws

Chapter 625 Plumbing Contractors and On-Site Sewage Disposal Contractors

Chapter 626 Third-Party Inspectors of Wells and of Private or On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

Chapter 630 Electrical Contractors

Chapter 631 Reserved

Chapter 632 Pool Installers

Chapter 633 HVACR Contractors

Chapter 635 Explosives Code

Chapter 640 (Reserved)

Chapter 645 Tattooing and Body Piercing

Chapter 650 Ferries - Licensing Requirements and Procedures

Cross Reference

Chapter CR Cross Reference