Borough of Ridley Park, PA
Delaware County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
This Part 1 shall be known and cited as the "Highway and Sidewalk Ordinance of the Borough of Ridley Park."
All matters concerning the construction, placing, repair or alteration of any highway, street, curb or sidewalk and its appurtenant structures, within the dedicated width of the public highway, shall be considered within the scope of this Part 1.
[Amended 8-11-1970 by Ord. No. 891]
No highway, street, curb or sidewalk shall be constructed or altered within the Borough of Ridley Park except in conformity with the provisions of this Part 1 and the Acts of Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in such cases provided. No highway, street, curb, sidewalk or part thereof already existing or hereafter to be constructed in said Borough shall be altered in any manner that would violate any of the provisions hereof or any rule promulgated hereunder. No structure shall hereafter be erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered or repaired, nor occupied after such erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration or repair, unless and until appropriate streets, sidewalks, curbs and driveway entrances are installed, constructed, repaired or reconstructed in accordance with the ordinances of the Borough of Ridley Park.
No street or highway shall be opened between curblines or between the curbline and property line for repairs or work of any description and no curb, highway, street or sidewalk shall be altered, repaired or constructed without first obtaining a permit for the same, issued by the Borough Secretary or other Borough officer designated by resolution of the Council, upon a form prescribed by the Borough Council. Such permits shall be numbered consecutively, and a record thereof shall be submitted to the Borough auditors. All moneys received from such permits shall be remitted to the Borough Treasurer on or before the stated meeting after they are received. Such permits shall be in triplicate. The original shall be given to the applicant, the duplicate to the Chief of Police and the triplicate retained permanently in the receipt book.
The permit fee to be paid with each application for permit shall be $3.50 for each and every opening to be made in any paved or unpaved roadway and $1 for each and every opening to be made between the curb and property line, except for the repair of existing sidewalks and curbs, for which the required permit will be issued for no fee.
Fees established herewith for sidewalks, driveway entrances and curbs shall apply to a single property frontage only.
The required permit shall be in the hands of the person in direct charge of the work and be available for inspection by a police officer when requested.
No permit shall be issued under this Part 1 without first receiving a written application upon a form prescribed by the Borough Council, together with all prescribed fees and costs, except in the case of emergency openings for repair of existing facilities, which may be made upon verbal application to the Police Department and followed promptly by written application and payment of fees and costs as provided in this Part 1.
Any permit issued under the terms hereof shall be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue. If work is not commenced within 30 days and diligently pursued until completion, such permit shall, at the expiration of said 30 days, become null and void, without any refund being made therefor. Thereafter, a new permit shall be required in the event that it is desired to proceed with the work contemplated in the voided permit. Such new permit shall be issued upon payment of an additional permit fee, but credit will be allowed for previous payment of such other charges paid at time of issuance of the voided permit.
On all sidewalks, curbs and driveway entrances, construction shall be in accordance with specifications prepared by the Borough Engineer, which specifications may be obtained from the Borough Engineer or the Borough Secretary, and the applicant for the permit shall be responsible for obtaining correct lines and grades.
Openings in the roadways of state highways shall require permits from and be subject to regulations and requirements of the State Highway Department. Openings between the curblines and property lines on state highways for repairs, construction or work of any description shall be subject to the provisions of this Part 1, except that, in the case of service-lateral trenches which are a continuation of openings in roadways of state highways, a Borough permit will not be required.
The Borough Engineer shall furnish, at the property owner's expense, all required lines and grades for any repairs, alterations or construction of any sidewalk or curb. Such work shall not be commenced without such required lines and grades. In the event of any work contemplated upon any street or highway not now improved, a plan and profile shall be submitted to the Borough Council of the proposed work, and it shall authorize the Engineer to establish lines and grades thereof.