City of Vineland, NJ
Cumberland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The City of Vineland hereby adopts an Official Map as part of this chapter and establishes procedures for its use. The City has also established procedures for street extensions, for park development and for the provision of public facilities, particularly as set by the Master Plan of Street Extensions and the Comprehensive Plan for Parks. Under this chapter, the City also adopts the provisions of the Transportation Plan recommended by the Cumberland County Urban Area Transportation Study (CCUATS).
Prior to the adoption of any amendment or proposed change of the Official Map, the governing body shall refer such amendment or change to the Planning Board as provided under § 425-25 of Article II of this chapter.
The Official Map shall be deemed conclusive with respect to the location and widths of streets and public drainageways and the location and extent of flood control basins as well as public areas, whether or not such streets, ways, basins or areas are improved, unimproved or are in actual physical existence.
Upon receiving an application for development which is affected by this article, the Planning Board shall advise the governing body, and the governing body may reserve for future public use the aforesaid streets, ways, basins and public areas in the manner provided under § 425-48 of Article VI of this chapter.
Municipal approval by ordinance under the provisions of any law, other than as provided herein, of the layout, widening, changing the course of or closing of any street or the widening or changing the course of any public drainageway or changing the boundaries of a flood control basin or public area shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter as authorized under N.J.S.A. 40:55D-33.
To preserve the integrity of the Official Map, no permit shall be issued for any building or structure in the bed of any street or public drainageway, flood control basin or public area reserved on the Official Map or shown on a plat duly filed before the adoption of the Official Map, except as herein provided.
Whenever one or more parcels of land which are affected by the provisions of the Official Map cannot yield a reasonable return to the owner unless a building permit is granted, the Board of Adjustment may, in a specific case, by an affirmative vote of a majority of the full authorized membership of the Board, direct the issuance of a permit for a building or structure in the bed of such mapped street or drainageway or flood control basin or public area reserved on the Official Map, in such manner as will as little as practicable increase the cost of opening such street or will tend to cause a minimum change of the Official Map, and the Board shall impose reasonable requirements as a condition of granting the permit so as to protect the public interests.
Sections 425-350 through 425-354 of Article XX (Zoning Board of Adjustment) of this chapter shall apply to such applications or appeals.
No permit to erect any building or structure shall be issued unless the lot abuts a street which has been duly placed on the Official Map or shall be:
An existing state, county or City street;
A street shown on a plat duly approved by the Planning Board; or
A street shown on a plat duly filed in the County Recorder's office prior to the passage of this chapter.
Before the issuance of such permit, the street shall be certified to be suitably improved to the satisfaction of the governing body or, under surety, to be improved in accordance with the standards and specifications for road improvements set in this chapter.
Where the enforcement of § 425-39 of this article would entail practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship or where the circumstances of the case do not require the building or structure to be related to a street, the Board of Adjustment may vary the application of § 425-39 and direct the issuance of a permit subject to conditions that will provide adequate access for fire-fighting equipment and emergency vehicles and that will protect any future street layout shown on the Official Map or on the circulation plan element of the Master Plan pursuant to § 425-29A(4) of Article III of this chapter. Sections 425-350 through 425-354 of Article XX of this chapter shall apply to such appeals.
Streets which have never been opened, which are shown on maps filed prior to October 15, 1951 (the date establishing the first Planning Board in the former Landis Township), shall not be considered part of the Official Map unless they shall be approved by the Planning Board, accepted by the governing body and dedicated by ordinance to the City of Vineland for general public use. The City shall reserve the right to vacate such paper streets.
Streets which have been used by the general public continuously for 20 years or more prior to the adoption of this chapter which are shown on maps filed prior to October 15, 1951, that have not been constructed to standard, shall be constructed to the standards of this chapter prior to development approval of the adjacent lands. See § 425-47A of Article VI.
(NOTE: The basis for this article is N.J.S.A. 40:55D-32 to 40:55D-36.)