City of Englewood, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In computing the height of a building, with respect to the height limitations contained in this chapter, that portion of the building which constitutes an exempt story, as defined and prescribed in this chapter, shall not be counted.
In order to qualify as an exempt story, a story in a building must meet the following requirements:
At least 90% of the floor area of the story shall be used for parking spaces, access aisles, lobbies, stairs and elevators.
Not more than 50% of the parking spaces provided on such floor shall be devoted to commercial garage use, including the parking or storage of vehicles for sale, hire, servicing or repair and the garaging of fleets of commercial vehicles.
The story shall have a minimum height, from finished floor to the bottom of overhead girders, beams or flat ceilings, of seven feet six inches.
No columns or posts shall be located so as to interfere with the free flow of traffic.
Such story shall either be enclosed by a solid wall at least four feet high or be enclosed from the bottom of the story to the top of the story with walls or paneling, of which at least 50% shall be composed of solid material.
No building or structure of any kind exceeding 30 inches in height, including fences, walls, decorative structures or any other kind of improvement, and no planting of any kind exceeding 30 inches in height, including trees, bushes, hedges, or any other kind of planting, and no other obstructions of any kind exceeding 30 inches in height shall be placed or located at any point within the triangle formed by the lines of two streets from the points, on each street, 25 feet from their point of intersection.
The existence of any such obstruction prior to the effective date of this chapter shall not be deemed to permit the continued existence thereof in the event that the Chief of Police determines that such obstruction constitutes a traffic safety hazard, and in the event of such determination by the Chief of Police, such obstruction shall be forthwith removed.
[Added 5-27-1992 by Ord. No. 92-13; amended 3-21-2017 by Ord. No. 17-01]
No person shall display within any premises within the City of Englewood any visual representation which depicts or describes specified sexual activities, specified anatomical areas or a state of nudity or any sexual paraphernalia in such a manner so as to be visible from any public street, sidewalk or public place or within the interior of any premises used for retail or commercial purposes and to which the public is invited.
With respect to art galleries, they shall be exempt from the "state of nudity" restriction in the subsection above provided that any display containing a state of nudity as defined in § 250-58 is displayed within the premises and is displayed not less than 10 feet from the front window to the premises or from an imaginary line parallel to the sidewalk beginning at the point of the exterior wall of the premises closest to the sidewalk. The remaining restrictions in the subsection above shall apply to art galleries.