City of Greendale, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 376 §1, 3-21-1995; Ord. No. 450 §1, 10-17-2000]
From and after March 21, 1995, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, individual, co-partnership or corporation to open or excavate in the streets and sidewalks of the City of Greendale without first having obtained from the City of Greendale a permit for such work. Applications for said permits may be obtained from the City Clerk or the Mayor of the City of Greendale and the Street Commissioner for the City shall review all applications. A permit shall be issued to the applicant upon approval of same by the Street Commissioner, and upon compliance by the applicant with the terms of this Chapter and all other Ordinances of the City of Greendale. A fee as set out in Section 130.230 of this Code shall be paid to the City of Greendale at the time application for said permit is made.
[Ord. No. 376 §2, 3-21-1995]
Inspection fees for permits shall be based upon the direct cost to the City of Greendale for furnishing the required inspectors. Inspection fee deposits shall be determined by the Street Commissioner from the estimated inspection time but shall be no less than the amount set out in Section 130.240 of this Code. The difference between the deposit and the actual cost shall be collected or refunded. A cash performance bond from an approved bonding company or deposit in an amount as set out in Section 130.240 of this Code in the form of a cashier's check shall be posted by each applicant for each permit applied for herein. Each applicant shall purchase and maintain such comprehensive general liability insurance equal to that carried by the City of Greendale. The applicant shall accompany the permit application with the deposit, bond and insurance indicated herein as necessary for the permit. No permit shall be issued until deposit, bond and insurance requirements are met.
[Ord. No. 376 §3, 3-21-1995]
Permits shall be required for, but not limited to, the following categories of work: utility operations, municipal operations, service connections, commercial and industrial developments, residential developments, earth hauling, road openings and closures, and sidewalk excavations, openings and closures.
[Ord. No. 376 §4, 3-21-1995]
All openings or excavations provided for herein shall be made in compliance with the rules and regulations, which are on file in the City offices, and shall be attached to and made a part of the application for permit to be obtained from the City Clerk of the City of Greendale.
[Ord. No. 376 §5, 3-21-1995]
The City of Greendale reserves the right to repair or have repaired any opening upon failure of the applicant to reasonably do so after notice to the applicant. The cost of such repairs done by the City of Greendale shall be deducted from the cash performance bond or cash deposit deposited by the applicant as aforesaid.
[Ord. No. 385 §§1 — 2, 10-17-1995]
This Article controlling excavations in the streets and sidewalks of the City of Greendale, Missouri, shall not apply or affect water, gas or sewer utility companies except as set out in Subsection (B) hereafter, subject to the following:
The Greendale City Clerk shall be given reasonable written notice of any proposed work by said utilities, said notice to include a detailed diagram for all proposed work to be performed.
The Greendale City Clerk shall be given a written proposal which details and sets out specifically the method and materials to be used to return any street or other excavation to its original pre-work state.
Any water, gas or sewer utility as referred to herein shall guarantee and assume responsibility for any and all work performed with respect to street or other excavations and shall repair, maintain or otherwise cure any and all deficiencies in work performed for a period of time up to and including twelve (12) months after the completion of said work.
Nothing in this Section shall be construed to relieve water, gas or sewer utilities from complying with this Article with respect to the closing of said excavations.