City of Higginsville, MO
Lafayette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Building code adoptions, ch. 510; floodplain regulations, ch. 405; plumbing, ch. 510, art. IV.
[R.O. 2009 §500.010; CC 1976 §7-1; R.O. 1954 §267]
There is hereby established a fire limit or Fire Zone in the Business District of the City. The said Fire Zone shall comprise that portion of the City within the following limits: Commencing at the southwest corner of Shelby Street and Seventeenth Street, thence west to the east line of Walnut Street, thence south to the north line of the property of the Illinois Central and Gulf Railroad, thence east with the north line of said railroad property to the west line of Shelby Street, thence north to the point of beginning. That portion of the City so above described shall be known and referred to as the fire limits or Fire Zone. Further, that portion of said Fire Zone, bounded by the north line of the Illinois Central and Gulf Railroad property, north to Seventeenth Street, and from the alley between Main Street and Shelby Street, west to the alley between Main Street and Walnut Street, shall be designated as Fire Zone "A", and all the other portion of said Fire Zone shall be designated as Fire Zone "B".
[R.O. 2009 §500.020; CC 1976 §7-2; R.O. 1954 §268]
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to build or place or cause to be built or placed, constructed, remodeled or reconstructed or added to, any edifice the walls of which shall, in whole or in part, be of wood or other combustible material, and all walls of all edifices shall be of brick, iron, stone or concrete, and the roofs of all edifices hereafter erected shall be covered with fire-resistant materials, in Fire Zone "A", and also in Fire Zone "B" with the provisions hereinafter provided.
[R.O. 2009 §500.030; CC 1976 §7-3; R.O. 1954 §269]
No lumber yard or other business of a like nature, shall hereafter be constructed, reconstructed or operated within the Fire Zone; and no cleaning establishment or other type of business or vocation shall hereafter be established or operated within said Fire Zone where inflammable liquids are used in cleaning or in any operation of such business; and no such liquids shall be kept in bulk, and no dynamite, nitroglycerin or any explosive substance shall be kept upon any premises within the Fire Zone. Motor vehicle fuels kept in underground tanks, and inflammable liquids kept for resale in original packages, are exempted. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to the established businesses now in said Fire Zone.
[R.O. 2009 §500.040; CC 1976 §7-4; R.O. 1954 §270]
The owner of any property in that portion of the Fire Zone designated as Fire Zone "B", may petition the Board of Aldermen for a permit to erect an edifice not of fireproof materials, and if the Board of Aldermen deems that the construction or addition contemplated in applicant's petition shall not constitute or increase the fire hazard, the Board of Aldermen shall cause a written permit to be issued, designating the type of building or erection, and the portion of the lot or land whereon such building or addition is to be erected, which permit shall be signed by the City Clerk. Any building addition, or other construction erected not in conformity with the permit, shall be deemed an ordinance violation, and such building, addition or erection shall be declared a nuisance and removed as hereinafter provided.
[R.O. 2009 §500.050; CC 1976 §7-5; R O. 1954 §271]
No person shall remove any wooden building from without said Fire Zone to any place within said Fire Zone, or from one (1) place within to any other place within said Fire Zone.
[R.O. 2009 §500.060; CC 1976 §7-6; R.O. 1954 §272]
All buildings and structures or additions to existing buildings or structures which may hereafter be erected or attempted to be erected contrary to the provisions of this Chapter, are hereby declared public nuisances and the same, if not abated and removed within ten (10) days after the persons engaged in building the same have been notified in writing by the City so to do, may be abated and removed by the Chief of Police of the City, and the owner of such property shall forfeit and pay to the City the cost of abating said nuisance to be recovered as other fines and forfeitures, or by civil action in the State courts.
[R.O. 2009 §500.070; CC 1976 §7-7; R.O. 1954 §273]
Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this Chapter shall be deemed guilty of an ordinance violation; and every day during which a forbidden condition exists, after conviction, shall constitute a separate and distinct offense and shall be punished accordingly.
[R.O. 2009 §500.090; Ord. No. 1713 §§1—4, 2-10-1997; Ord. No. 2574 §1, 3-2-2015]
Display Of Numbers. It shall be the duty of the owner, agent, lessor or occupant of every house, or other building, except barns, garages and other accessory buildings which are part of the same property with a numbered house or building, to place in a conspicuous location, visible from the street, numbers which shall conform to the address number assigned thereto. Such numbers shall be of sufficient size to be legible from the street, with a four-inch minimum, and shall be located on the building within view of a three-foot perimeter of the main entrance. All numbers shall be block style Arabic numerals. Numbers shall be displayed against a contrasting background. The assigned street numbers may also be displayed in additional locations at the discretion of the property owner. The assigned numbers shall be in sharp color contrast to the house or building to which they are attached. In an area where the house or building is located more than one hundred (100) feet from the center line of the street, the assigned number may be displayed in the yard visible to the main entrance.
Assignment Of Numbers. Whenever any house or other building is to be erected hereafter, a number shall be assigned by the Zoning Administrator at the time the building permit is granted therefor.
Length Of Time To Display Numbers. It shall be the duty of the owner, agent, lessor or occupant to display the assigned property number within five (5) days after completion or occupation thereof or within thirty (30) days after assignment of a property number.
Violation — Penalties.
Should any owner or occupant fail or refuse to number any building or structure as herein required, he or she shall be guilty of an infraction punishable by a fine not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00).
In the event the owner or occupant shall fail to maintain the property number assigned or allow the property number(s) to become obscured or hidden, he or she shall be guilty of an infraction punishable by a fine not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00).