City of Byrnes Mill, MO
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note — Ord. no. 800-12 §1, adopted December 19, 2012, repealed chapter 205 "animal regulations" and enacted new provisions set out herein. Former chapter 205 derived from R.O. 2011 §§205.010 — 205.100; ord. no. 158-90 §§II — XI, 9-5-1990; ord. no. 563-03 §§1 — 2, 8-6-2003; ord. no. 564-03 §§1 — 2, 8-6-2003.
Article I Generally

Section 205.010 Definitions.

Section 205.020 Animal Care.

Section 205.030 Police Dogs.

Section 205.040 Owner Required To Control Animal.

Section 205.050 Exception To Section 205.040(A), Restraint.

Section 205.060 Confinement of Female Animals in Heat.

Section 205.070 Vicious Animals.

Section 205.080 Violation of Sections 205.040 Through 205.070 — Fines.

Section 205.090 Keeping of Wild Animals.

Section 205.100 Performing Animal Exhibitions.

Section 205.110 Enforcement of Chapter.

Section 205.120 Penalties For Violation of Chapter When None Specified.

Section 205.130 Keeping Domestic Animal — License Required.

Section 205.140 Keeping Domestic Animal — Minimum Lot Area Required.

Section 205.150 Keeping Domestic Animal — Special Permit Required.

Section 205.160 Keeping Domestic Animal — Findings Prerequisite To Issuance of A License, Temporary Permit and/or A Special Permit.

Section 205.170 Keeping Domestic Animal — Inspection of Premises — Revocation of Permit or License.

Section 205.180 Appeal Process.

Section 205.190 Number of Pets Per Residential Property.

Section 205.200 License Fees and Permit Costs.

Article II Vaccination and Registration

Section 205.210 Required — Exceptions.

Section 205.220 Method and Frequency of Vaccination.

Section 205.230 Preparation of Tags — Form.

Section 205.240 Immunization Record — Required.

Section 205.250 License Tags — Fee.

Section 205.260 Seeing-Eye Dogs Exempt From Fee.

Section 205.270 Tag Worn By Animal Evidence of Inoculation.

Section 205.280 Confidentiality of Registration Information.

Section 205.290 Registration Non-Transferable.

Section 205.300 Registration of Imported Dogs and Cats.

Section 205.310 Failure To Comply — Fines.

Article III Impoundment

Section 205.320 Authority To Impound.

Section 205.330 Confinement Period.

Section 205.340 Notification of Owner.

Section 205.350 Reclamation Fees.

Section 205.360 Vaccination Required Prior To Release.

Section 205.370 Disposition of Unclaimed Animals.

Section 205.380 Adoption.

Section 205.390 Animal Considered Vaccinated and Sterilized When — Exceptions.

Section 205.400 Diseased or Injured Animal — Release To Owner.

Section 205.410 Diseased or Injured Animal — When Owner Unknown.

Section 205.420 Unwanted Animals.

Section 205.430 Health Officer Authorized To Contract For Services.

Article IV Rabies Control and Animal Bite Procedure

Section 205.440 Abandonment of Animals Subject To Rabies Prohibited.

Section 205.450 Quarantine Required For Animals Exhibiting Rabies Symptoms.

Section 205.460 Destruction of Animals Exposed To Rabies — Alternatives.

Section 205.470 Conditions For Release of Animals Under Observation.

Section 205.480 Report of Suspect Animals Required.

Section 205.490 Destruction of Suspect Animal — Report Required.

Section 205.500 General Quarantine.

Section 205.510 Biting Prohibited — Procedure in Event of Bite.

Section 205.520 Duty of Physicians and Veterinarians To Report Bites or Suspect Animals.

Section 205.530 Interference With Enforcement Officer Prohibited.

Section 205.540 Duties of Health Officer Regarding Violation of Provisions.

Section 205.550 Violation — Penalty.