City of Ironton, MO
Iron County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Fire Limits, Plans and Permits

Section 510.010 Fire Limits.

Section 510.020 Permit Required.

Section 510.030 Inspection of Construction.

Article II General Construction Standards

Section 510.040 Masonry Walls, Fire-Retardant Roof Coverings Required Within Fire Limits, and Waiver.

Section 510.050 Permissible Wooden and Metal Structures Within Fire Limits.

Section 510.060 Repairing Frame Buildings Within Fire Limits.

Section 510.070 Limits of Area and Heights Within Fire Limits.

Section 510.080 Means of Exit.

Section 510.090 Masonry Walls.

Section 510.100 Parapets.

Section 510.110 Protection of Wall Openings.

Section 510.120 Firestopping.

Section 510.130 Workmanship and Safety of Design.

Article III Chimneys, Flues and Heating Appliances

Section 510.140 Applicable to New or Rebuilt Chimneys.

Section 510.150 Chimneys and Flues.

Section 510.160 Special Type Flues.

Section 510.170 Fireplaces.

Section 510.180 Clearances From Chimneys, Flues, and Fireplaces.

Section 510.190 Floor Protection Under Heating Appliances.

Section 510.200 Clearances From Heating Appliances and Their Smokepipes.

Section 510.210 Smokepipes.

Article IV Garages

Section 510.220 Garage Defined.

Section 510.230 Permit Required.

Section 510.240 Special Structural Requirements.

Section 510.250 Handling of Gasoline.

Section 510.260 Repairs.

Article V Gas Appliances and Piping

Section 510.270 Outside Valve Required.

Section 510.280 Rigid Metal Gas Connections.

Section 510.290 Venting of Appliances.

Section 510.300 Air for Combustion.

Article VI Flammable Liquids

Section 510.310 Application.

Section 510.320 Scope.

Section 510.330 Retroactivity.

Section 510.340 Flammable Liquids Defined.

Section 510.350 Classification of Flammable Liquids.

Section 510.360 Permit Required.

Section 510.370 Restricted Locations for Storage and Handling.

Section 510.380 Location of Permitted Aboveground Tanks.

Section 510.390 Location of Buried Tanks for Class I and II Liquids Outside of Buildings.

Section 510.400 Installation of Tanks.

Section 510.410 Dikes.

Section 510.420 Pertinent Equipment for Tanks.

Section 510.430 Piping, Valves and Fittings.

Section 510.440 Withdrawal of Flammable Liquids From Tanks Located Inside of Buildings and Buried Tanks.

Section 510.450 Discharge Devices for Flammable Liquids.

Section 510.460 Storage of Portable Containers Outside of Buildings.

Section 510.470 Storage of Portable Containers Inside Buildings.

Section 510.480 Excess Commercial and Industrial Storage and Use.

Section 510.490 Electrical Equipment.

Section 510.500 Sources of Ignition.

Section 510.510 Fire Control Appliances.

Article VII Liquefied Petroleum Gases

Section 510.520 Definition.

Section 510.530 Permit Required.

Section 510.540 Odorization.

Section 510.550 Handling and Bulk Storage.

Section 510.560 Installation and Operation.

Section 510.570 Retroactivity.

Article VIII Explosives

Section 510.580 Application and Permit.

Section 510.590 Transportation.

Section 510.600 Storage.

Article IX Inspections

Section 510.610 Periodic Inspections.

Section 510.620 Fire Hazards To Be Remedied.

Article X Additional Regulations

Section 510.630 Bonfires.

Section 510.640 Hot Ashes and Other Dangerous Materials.

Section 510.650 Accumulations of Combustible Materials.

Section 510.660 Flammable Decorations.

Section 510.670 Supplementary Requirements.

Article XI Appeals and Penalties

Section 510.680 Appeals.

Section 510.690 Violations and Penalties.