City of Clairton, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Clairton 10-9-1990 by Ord. No. 1472.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Budget and fiscal matters — See Art. XI.
City Treasurer, Tax Collector and Financial Officer — See Art. XII.
Administration of government — See Ch. 5.
Financial policies — See Ch. 34.
Investments — See Ch. 47.
Officers and employees — See Ch. 69.
Editor's Note: The elective office of the City Treasurer was eliminated 10-9-1990 by Ord. No. 1471.
The office of Financial Officer is hereby created by the Council of the City of Clairton.
The Financial Officer shall be appointed by and report to the City Manager and shall receive such compensation as shall be fixed from time to time by the City Council. The Financial Officer shall be appointed for an indefinite period, but may be removed from office with or without cause by the City Council.
The Financial Officer shall demonstrate appropriate skill, education and knowledge in matters of finance, accounting, public administration and business administration. The Financial Officer need not be a resident of the City of the time of appointment, but shall become a resident of the City within one year of appointment.
Before assuming the duties of the office, the Financial Officer shall give a bond, as required by Section 1112 of the Home Rule Charter of the City of Clairton, in an amount to be fixed by the City Council, with a bonding company as surety and conditioned upon the faithful performance of his or her duties.
The Financial Officer shall:
Collect or cause to be collected all property taxes, wage taxes and other general taxes, current and delinquent, which the Council may levy; and receive all municipal moneys from these tax sources, deposit accumulated amounts in the general fund of the City not later than the first business day following the day in which they are received and keep separate accounts of each category of tax source received. These accounts shall be open to the inspection of the proper officials at all times.
Receive and collect from the authorities empowered to levy taxes upon persons and property with the City the respective duplicates of taxes assessed in accordance with the laws of the commonwealth. All duplicates shall be open to proper inspection of the taxpayers and the Auditing and Examining Officer of the City, county or school district.
Prepare and certify tax liens in accordance with 53 P.S. §§ 37537 and 37538.[1] Sales of real estate for delinquent taxes shall be regulated by 53 P.S. §§ 37541 and 37562.[2] Wherever any of the above sections of the Third Class City Code confer powers or duties upon the City Treasurer, such powers shall be exercised and such duties performed by the Financial Officer. The Financial Officer shall have all of the duties and powers of a Tax Collector under the Local Tax Collection Law, 72 P.S. § 5511.1 et seq.
[Amended 4-14-1992 by Ord. No. 1518]
Editor's Note: Former 53 P.S. §§ 37537 and 37538 were repealed 3-19-2014 by P.L. 52, No. 22, effective 5-19-2014.
Editor's Note: Former 53 P.S. §§ 37541 and 37562 were repealed 3-19-2014 by P.L. 52, No. 22, effective 5-19-2014.
Have such other related duties and responsibilities necessary and appropriate to carrying out the financial affairs and tax collections of the City in accordance with the Home Rule Charter and applicable law, and as determined and assigned by the City Manager.