Town of Dartmouth, MA
Bristol County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Dartmouth 4-7-1964, approved 5-1-1964 (Art. 82 of the 2011 General By-Laws); amended 6-14-1994, approved 8-25-1994. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
The Board of Public Works shall assign numbers to all buildings other than buildings adjacent to and appurtenant to dwelling houses situated on or near the lines of public or private ways within the Town in accordance with a plan of uniform spacing in all thickly settled areas of the Town and elsewhere as in the judgment of the Board of Public Works it shall be deemed expedient.
Every BUILDING in the Town of Dartmouth, including, but not limited to dwelling, apartment buildings, condominiums and business establishments shall have affixed thereto a number or numbers, which identify the address of such property (building).
Each number or set of numbers will represent one property.
Placement of numbering. Numbers shall be placed immediately to the right of the front door, in the case where said front door faces the street. Otherwise the numbers shall be placed on the building at the right front corner board nearest the street.
Height and size of numbering.
[Amended 10-26-1994, approved. 12-1-1994]
The number(s) shall be placed at a height not less than 54 inches (4 1/2 feet) nor more than 72 inches (six feet) above the first floor threshold level of said building. Numbers shall not be least than four inches in height and shall contrast with the background to which they are affixed. It is the responsibility of the property owner to see that said numbers are visible from the public way.
As an exception to Subsection C(1) above: Owners of properties (Buildings) which are set back from the public way, any distance, which makes viewing of building numbers impractical for emergency purposes; owner(s) shall be required to place number(s) within viewing distance of a public way which will provide quick and easy identification of the property (Building) represented.
"The standard method" to display numbers for property (Buildings) aforementioned shall be to affix address numbers to a fixed pole not less than 48 inches, nor more than 72 inches from ground level; said address numbers must be at least four inches in height.
In all cases where buildings are not visible from the street, and where numbers have been placed near the street, numbers shall still be required on the building.
[Amended 6-7-2011, approved 9-15-2011]
Once an occupancy permit has been issued for a building by the Dartmouth Building Department, the Department of Public Works shall provide the building owner with a building number or numbers for the same, and shall notify the Police Department of said building number(s). The Police Department thereupon shall revise its emergency services database to incorporate said building number(s).
[Amended 6-7-2011, approved 9-15-2011]
A violation of this By-Law shall carry a fine of $50; said fine shall be for a first offense. A further fine of $20 shall be imposed for each day that a person, property, (building owner) remains in violation of any section of this By-Law. Whenever the Zoning Enforcement Officer or the Building Inspector determines that a violation of this By-Law has occurred, he shall issue the appropriate fine and notify the Police Department of said violation.