Township of Collier, PA
Allegheny County
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Ord. 24
Township entered into a contract with Good Roads Machinery Co. for the purchase of a 10 ton steamroller
Ord. 25
Township entered into a contract with J.B. Adams and Co. for the purchase of one leaning wheel grader and appliances
Ord. 61
Township entered into an agreement with Hugh McHugh for the purchase of a job pike or red dog
Ord. 65
Purchase of a power road grader and road truck
Ord. 230
Condemning the property of Sylvester R. Stosic, being lots numbered 14 to 19, inclusive, in the Ewing Plan of Lots at the corner of School Street (now known as First Street) and Noblestown Road
Ord. 250
Township condemned the Walkers Mill Stone and Brick Co. and now is appropriating it for public recreation and building
Ord. 285
Township declaring certain property to be dangerous structures
Ord. 311
Township declaring certain properties to be condemned
Ord. 326A
Township taking of certain property of the Rennerdale Area for public uses
Ord. 401
Township declaring and condemning certain structures
Ord. 406
Township declaring certain structures condemned
Ord. 449
Township land acquired by eminent domain for the purpose of construction of a municipal building
Res. 031307-02
Authorizing the condemnation, through the use of eminent domain for acquisition of legal rights of way, of certain property totaling approximately 0.0929 acres, situated in Collier Township, for the purpose of a temporary construction easement and a bridge maintenance access easement for the replacement and maintenance of the Gregg Station Road bridge
Res. 102108-01
Certification of Authority to acquire Charles E. Kelly U.S. Army Facility consisting of 93 acres of property
Res. 061009-02
Authorizing the condemnation, through the use of eminent domain, of certain property in fee simple, situated in Collier Township, now or formerly owned by W. G. Jones, Thomas Curcio and Anna Geyser for the establishment, making, enlargement and/or maintenance of a public park and/or recreational area
Res. 081209-01
Authorizing the agreement of purchase of certain property, situated in Collier Township, over lands owned by Carl J. Hartz and Sherrie M. Hartz, for the Kelly Park Access Property Project