City of Greenwood, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 5.900, 11-6-1989]
The following words and phrases when used in this Section shall, for the purpose of this Chapter, have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this Section except when the context otherwise requires:
The person in whose name a utility service is provided.
To change the intended course or path of electricity, water, gas, telephone, cable television or other utility service without the authorization or consent of the utility.
A person, other than an owner, who resides on or otherwise possesses property.
[Ord. No. 2017-2937, § 1, 12-26-2017]
The person who is the owner of property as set forth in the tax records of the respective county in which the property is situated.
[Ord. No. 2017-2937, § 1, 12-26-2017]
Any individual, partnership, firm, association or corporation.
The commencement of utility service other than by the utility company, to a customer or other person after service has been discontinued by the utility.
To rearrange, damage, injure, destroy, alter, interfere with or otherwise prevent from performing normal or customary function.
The provision of electricity, water, gas, telephone, cable television, sewer, or other utility service.
[Ord. No. 5.900, 11-6-1989]
It shall be unlawful for any person to commit, authorize, solicit, aid, abet, or attempt any of the following acts:
Divert, or cause to be diverted, utility service by any means whatsoever.
Make, or cause to be made, any connection or reconnection with property owned or used by the utility to provide utility service without the authorization or consent of the utility.
Prevent any utility meter, or other device used in determining the charge for utility service, from accurately performing its measuring function by tampering or by any other means.
Tamper with any property owned or used by the utility company to provide utility service.
Use or receive the direct benefit of all, or a portion, of the utility service with knowledge of, or reason to believe that, the diversion, tampering, or unauthorized connection existed at the time of the use, or that the use or receipt, was without the authorization or consent of the utility.
Advertise, manufacture, distribute, sell, use, rent or offer for sale, rental or use any device of any description, or any plan or kit, designed to obtain utility service, in violation of this Section.
Obtain utility service by means of false representations, or fraudulent or deceptive actions, designed to avoid the payment of any outstanding lawful charges for any utility service.
Avoid the lawful charges, in whole or in part, for any utility service, by the use of any fraudulent or deceptive scheme, device, means, method, or by failure to pay current user usage fees.
[Ord. No. 5.900, 11-6-1989]
There is a rebuttable presumption that there is a violation of this Section if, on the premises controlled by the customer or by the person using or receiving the direct benefit of utility service, there is either, or both of the following:
Any instrument, apparatus or device primarily designed to be used to obtain utility service without paying the full lawful charge therefore.
Any utility equipment that has been altered, tampered with or bypassed so as to cause no measurement or inaccurate measurement of utility service.