Town of Barnstable, MA
Barnstable County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Conservation Commission of the Town of Barnstable 8-16-1988; revised May 2002, 1-7-2003, 6-24-2003; 1-20-2005 by Order No. 2005-040; 11-22-2005; 3-14-2006; 2-27-2007; 12-11-2007; 1-6-2009; 12-4-2012; 2-19-2013; 3-5-2013; 10-15-2013. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Noncriminal disposition — See Ch. 1, Art. I.
Conservation Commission property use violations — See Ch. 701.

§ 702-1 Location, use and management of range.

The Town of Barnstable Conservation Commission's goal is to provide a safe and affordable public shooting range, following best management practices. The range is open to residents and nonresidents for a fee and is located in the West Barnstable Conservation Area, off the service road. The range is managed by the Conservation Commission, at the direction of the Town Manager, and policed and maintained by the Marine and Environmental Affairs Division. The Certified Range Safety Officers shall be provided as to be determined by the Town Manager.

§ 702-2 Rules and regulations.

The public shooting range in the West Barnstable Conservation Area is open for target shooting subject to the following rules and regulations:
Certified Range Safety Officer.
"Certified Range Safety Officer" (CRSO) as used herein shall mean an individual who, upon the completion of an approved training course, has been certified by the National Rifle Association, or an equivalent national shooting or law enforcement training organization, as a range safety officer.
The range shall only be opened when a CRSO or certified firearms instructor is on duty. The CRSO has the authority to interpret and enforce these rules in the interest of public safety, to enforce the Conservation Commission's General Range Use Policy and to expel and/or refuse service to any and all users. The Certified Range Safety Officer also retains the authority to close the range as circumstances may require.
Prerequisites for admission.
All persons entering the range must first sign the official sign-in sheet maintained by the designated range official and provide all information requested on said sheet. The Certified Range Safety Officer or his designee may require any person seeking admission into the range to produce a government-issued identification or other official identification containing a photograph and showing his/her date of birth. (This information may be provided in two separate documents, for example a school-issued identification containing a picture and a birth certificate).
Permit holders.
All permit holders seeking admission into the public shooting range at the West Barnstable Conservation Area shall possess a range permit issued in their name. Permits are available at the Marine and Environmental Affairs Division (MEA), 1189 Phinney's Lane, Centerville, MA (508-790-6272).Before the issuance of a range permit, the applicant must certify under the pains and penalties of perjury that either s/he attended a range orientation program offered by the Town or watched the video of same online at the Town of Barnstable website:
Individual permits shall be issued only to those persons possessing a valid Massachusetts firearms identification card or Massachusetts license to carry firearms. Individual permits will be issued only to those persons signing a waiver of liability and indemnification agreement for themselves. (Appendix A-1)[1]
Editor's Note: Appendix A-1 is on file in the Town offices.
The range use permit shall be displayed on the outer clothing of the permit holder.
The current schedules of fees and hours of operation which apply are available at the Marine and Environmental Division.
Permit holders may be accompanied by no more than three adult guests. The CRSO may, at his/her sole discretion, limit the number of guests allowed to shoot. Subject to Subsection B(3)(b) below, where a minor is a guest, that minor shall be the permit holder's only guest; provided, however, that when a minor is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, the parent or legal guardian may be allowed admission as an additional guest. The permit holder shall be responsible for any such guest, and any rule violation shall be enforceable against the permit holder as well as the guest. Any person entering the range with a permit holder will be deemed to be a guest regardless of his/her intention to participate in shooting or not. Prior to gaining admission to the range, any adult guest, must execute and present to the CRSO or designee the approved waiver of liability, and indemnification form (See Appendix A-2.[2]) and pay the required admission fee. The current schedule of fees is available at the Marine and Environmental Division.
Editor's Note: Appendix A-2 is on file in the Town offices.
Minors under 11 years of age are not permitted inside the range facility. No junior (a minor under 18 years of age) may use any firearm unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or a certified firearms instructor. Minors must be under constant adult supervision and control at all times, including on the firing line. Prior to gaining admission to the range, a minor and his parent or legal guardian must execute and present to the CRSO or designee at the range the approved waiver of liability and indemnification agreement. (See Appendix A-3.[3])
Editor's Note: Appendix A-3 is on file in the Town offices.
Range safety and usage.
Permit holders shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times and will be held responsible for the conduct of any guest they bring with them.
No person shall possess or be under the influence of any alcoholic beverages or drugs at the range.
No smoking, eating, or drinking is allowed in the active range area (firing line/bench area).
Ear and eye protection is required for all persons at the shooting range.
Aluminum or steel cases, trash, paper or other combustible materials must be placed in trash containers separate from those used for brass.
No solicitation on the range property is allowed. Groups using the range during general public shooting hours are not permitted to make collections, charge admission, sell tickets or refreshments, solicit funds or raise money inside the range.
Firearms and ammunition.
All firearms must be in good working condition.
All firearms (unless licensed to carry a concealed a weapon) must be unloaded when entering the range.
Ammunition must be in good condition, with no signs of corrosion or damage.
Prohibited ammunition (except by law enforcement during sanctioned training event):
Armor piercing.
50 BMG.
Incendiary munitions and exploding targets are prohibited.
Black powder firearms and shotguns.
The shooter shall ensure that black-powder-type firearms using black powder or black powder substitute are charged and the projectile inserted at the shooting tables only.
Black powder firearms may not be charged directly from a powder flask, powder can, or large powder containers. Once charged, all powder containers must be removed from the shooting table before priming. Black powder firearms may only be primed and/or capped at the shooting table with the muzzle pointing downrange. Black powder containers will not be left on the shooting tables when the firearm is being discharged.
The use of shotguns is prohibited on the rifle and pistol ranges.
Shotgun range.
The use of lead shot is prohibited on the shotgun range for skeet.
Buckshot and slugs are allowed on approved target stands, which must be provided by the permit the holder. All such targets, stands and debris (if any) will be removed by the permit holder prior to departure.
All firearms (unless licensed to carry a concealed weapon) must be transported unloaded and in a case (pistols or rifles), or muzzle up with the action open, for rifles, whenever entering/exiting the range; muzzle up, with action/slide open, when moving between firing points inside the range.
All firearms not actively in use must be unloaded with actions open, resting in either the rifle stand or on a shooting bench, with muzzles pointed downrange, or stored in their cases.
No person shall deface, molest or destroy any sign, yard marker or other structures.
Automatic weapons.
Use of automatic weapons is prohibited except use by the Barnstable Police Department or training supervised by the Barnstable Police Department.
Bump fire/slide fire devices are prohibited.
Range users shall not distract any shooter while he/she is in the process of loading, aiming or firing.
In the event of a misfire or jammed firearm that cannot be cleared by the shooter, the shooter shall immediately bench the firearm, with the muzzle pointed downrange, and notify the CRSO.
A shooter may only go down range with the permission of the CRSO.
When any person is down range, all firearms must be unloaded and placed in a safe condition (action open). No firearm should be touched. All shooters must step back from the orange safety line.
All shooters must fire from the same firing line.

§ 702-3 Penalties.

The Barnstable Conservation Commission may determine, based on severity of the violation, to use one or all of the following:
Violation of these rules and regulations or related schedules (fees; hours of operation) as may be amended from time to time shall be punishable by a fine of not more than $300 for each separate violation.
Conservation staff, Natural Resource Officers and Barnstable PD may elect to enforce violations by using the noncriminal process established by MGL c. 40 § 21D.
Violations will result in immediate removal from the range and possible revocation of all range permits. Permits will be surrendered upon demand by the CRSO, Conservation staff, Natural Resource Officers and Barnstable PD. Permits may be reinstated only after a hearing by the Conservation Commission and a decision by the Commission authorizing the reinstatement.

§ 702-4 Enforcement officers.

These rules and regulations are promulgated under MGL c. 40, § 8C, and shall be enforced by Police Officers, Natural Resource Officers and such other agents or officers as may be designated by the Conservation Commission.

§ 702-5 Periodic closing of range.

The range area may be closed periodically for maintenance and/or police firearms qualification. The range may also be closed during poor weather conditions, based upon seasonal demand, staff and funding availability, emergency situations, and for other circumstances as necessary for safety. Notice will be provided when possible and posted on the board at the range and on the Town of Barnstable website:

§ 702-6 Disclaimer of liability.

Persons using this range do so at their own risk and peril. The Barnstable Municipal Shooting range and the Town of Barnstable assume no responsibility for injuries or lost or stolen items at the range.