Town of Tuxedo, NY
Orange County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 7-10-2006 by L.L. No. 9-2006]
The Town Board finds that some of its eligible employees who could otherwise receive health insurance coverage through the Town's group health insurance provider for themselves and/or their families may already have health insurance coverage available to them from another source. In cases such as this, the Town Board finds that it is an unnecessary expense for the Town of Tuxedo to provide such an employee health insurance coverage where an otherwise eligible employee of the Town already has sufficient health insurance coverage available from another source. It is therefore the intent of this article to authorize Town employees who already have health insurance coverage available to them to elect cash payments in lieu of the Town providing health insurance coverage for them and/or their families as set forth more fully below.
Alternate coverage; cash payments. Subject to the conditions listed below, eligible employees of the Town of Tuxedo who have alternative health insurance coverage available to them from other sources may elect to receive cash payments in lieu of receiving health insurance benefits from the Town of Tuxedo health insurance provider.
The amount of any cash payment will be established from time to time by resolution of the Town Board.
The amount of such cash payment will never exceed the Town of Tuxedo’s actual cost of providing an eligible employee health insurance coverage through the Town's health insurance provider.
Reinstatement in Town plan.
Should an otherwise eligible employee who has elected this option subsequently desire to join the Town's health insurance plan or be reinstated in said plan, such employee must notify the Town Supervisor or his or her designee, in writing, of the request to join or be reinstated, together with the reasons therefor. The Town shall then promptly transmit such request to the Town's health insurance provider.
The otherwise eligible employee will then be enrolled or reinstated, upon confirmation from the health insurance provider of the Town that such enrollment or reinstatement of coverage has become effective.
At the time of entry or reinstatement to the Town's plan, the employee shall be subject to the same cost sharing, if any, of said health insurance coverage in effect for other eligible Town employees based on his or her date of initial employment with the Town of Tuxedo or as same may be modified for all other eligible employees in the future.